Beauty Tips and Health Benefits of Dark Chocolates

Chocolates can Enhance Women’s and Mens Beauty that there is Anti Oxidants in Cocoa Powder. Which helps to remove Free Radicles and Helps to glow your Skin. Let’s see how it is…

Take one Table Spoon of Cocoa Powder, Two table Spoons of Oat Meal Powder and Two Table Spoons of Curd and mixture it into a paste.

Apply this paste to your face as a layer of mask and leave it for fifteen minutes. Wash your face with Luke Warm Water that your Skin become Softy and Glow.

How to Reduce dead Cells on your Body Skin with Cocoa:

* Take One table Spoon Of Cocoa Powder add a Table Spoon of Honey and Home maid Butter(Makkhan) to it and make a smooth paste. Apply this Paste to your face as pack. :Leave it for Twenty Minutes and Wash your face with Luke Warm Water. This Pack helps to remove Dust and Dirt on your Face looks clean.

* Take a Table Spoon of Cocoa Powder and Add Olive oil and Sugar into it mix well it into a smooth paste. Apply it to your Face as a Pack and rub it Gently on Your Face. When it looses moisture and Dried clean your face with water. You looks So fresh.

* When your Skin dries Take a Two Table Spoons of Cocoa Powder, add One Table Spoon of Olive Oil and egg Yolk into it. Make the Mixture into a fine paste and Apply to your Face and Leave it for Twenty Minutes. Wash your face with Like Warm water and See Your Skin get enough Moisture.

* Take Two tea Spoons of Cocoa Powder and add a bit of salt, Milk make it as a fine paste. Apply this to your face as a thin layer leave it for Fifteen Minutes. Clean your Face with Luke Warm Water. Now see Your Face is clean and it looks Bright.

* Even Eating Chocolates helps you to protect from Heart Deceases. Eat a Small Piece of Dark Chocolates there is less chances to get Heart Stroke.