Central Quoting Aadhar to Link Filing IT Returns

Supreme Court Clearly announcing that no need to link Aadhar with Anything, But Indian Government made everything to be linked with Aadhar. Now Indian Government announced that it is introducing a new Policy about Aadhar. There is a big Story behind this New Policy Introduction. Recently Government has Extended a Column in Income Tax Filing Returns. The Column is about to mention our Aadhar Number in it and it is Mandatory.

The Option Mentioning of Aadhar Number is not for Providing any Special Benefits or Welfare Schemes. It is to remove the Welfare Schemes that to majorly on Gas Subsidy. The Central Government is advertising and requesting to Voluntarily gave up the Cooking Gas Subsidy, but up to know only 6 Lacks people are gave up the Cooking Gas Subsidy. So the Central Government is decided to take the action regarding this.

Our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested all Indian to gave up the Cooking Gas Subsidy. But Giving up the Gas Subsidy decision is leaved to the Public Interest, whether they Gave it up or not. But now Central Government is taking steps towards to it and Involving directly by Quoting Aadhar Number to Income Tax Returns Filling. With the help of Aadhar number mentioned in IT Returns Government want to put check to those who are utilizing the benefits and Subsidies through Ration Depot, Now Government want to put Check to them.

The All Subsidies providing by the Government will be cancelled for those who are earning 10 lacks and above by Government with out any hesitation and not left it for their choice. This is the reason behind linking Aadhar with IT Returns Filing.

Past few years According to Government Reference all Gas Companies Request all Indian Cooking Gas Consumers are linking Aadhar to their Bank Accounts and at Cooking Gas Agencies from the past 3 years. In this Process the Government is transferring the Subsidy amount into the Consumers Bank Account Directly. How ever The Government cannot able to tack the Annual Revenue details of the Public. So Government has initiated that those who have 10 Lacks and More than income per Annum will Give Up LPG Subsidy Voluntarily Slogan is not Succeed as expected. The Initiation of Gas Subsidy Give up is failed.

So now Government is introduced the Article of Mentioning Aadhar Number in Filing Income Tax Returns is Mandatory makes easy to Government to track those People who are earning more than 10 Lacks per Annum. The Government will easily track the details who are using the Subsidy and earning more than 10 lacks Per Annum, Based on Aadhar Number their Aadhar Number. Then Government will put Check to all of them.