Daggubati Rana’s Ghazi a Periodical Movie

Tollywood Hero Daggubati Rana(Bhallala Deva Baahubali fame) Playing in a Lead Role Periodical Movie ‘Ghazi’. The Movie is about war happened between India vs Pakistan in 1971. The Story is of the Movie ‘Ghazi’ is about Submarines Story which is going to release in multi Languages Telugu, Tamil and Hindi on 17th February Worldwide.

The Movie Theme Subject is about War between India, Pakistan in the 1971, how Pakistan attacked on India’s Submarine ‘INS Vikranth’ with their Submarine ‘PNS GHazi’ which is a Diesel electric Powered and Fast Attack Submarine. The ‘Ghazi’ Submaraine was sunk in the sea Bay of Bengal near Visakhapatnam in India. But how it happened is remains as a big mistery in the History. The Oil floating on the sea near Visakhapatnam sea base with this proof ‘INS Akshay’ found the debris of GHAZI Submarine. From there it’s a big mystery how the Submarine broke into pieces and sunk into the sea, There is no clues about the Incident since 46 Years.

Based on the Real Story Director Sankalp Reddy made the movie ‘Ghazi’. The Director spent huge budget on this movie Ghazi and it is producing by Prasad v Potluri on PVP Cinema banner, matinee Entertainments Spent a lot. Actress Tapsee playing another lead role in this flick. Let’s wait and watch the GHAZI movie that how the Director Sankalp Reddy gave finishing to the Movie which is big mystery till now in History.