Is Demonetization a Big Failure..?

It’s the Day 8th November 2016 Vast Country India Moved towards an New Era.. that a Splendid decision made by India’s Modest Prime Minister Narendra Singh Modi(Namo). It’s all about Demonetization impacts India and Shakes the Country for Couple of Months. Narendra Singh Modi took the decision to sweep the black Money and Stop Corruption, Scams, Polutization of Society.

PM Namo thought that the Demonetization will stop Black money, Corruption and it’ll help to develop the Country. Demonetization will helps to climb down all the value of things which are raising anti clock wise. There is no certain Parameters and standards for the value of the many things… like Vegetables, Groceries, Gas, Petrol, Clothes, House Holds, Electronics, Motor Vehicles… and Majorly about Education, Real Estate. These things become so high and Lavish interms of usage.

The above all daily needs of human life which are necessary in the every Human being life as daily routines. But it is become so harder to common man to get these daily needs. It’s a bit harder for City living people of Poor and Middle Class. The things are going very high interms of Price value that a Common man cannot afford for these things. A Middle Class Employee also cannot Afford on these by living in Metro’s.

The Minimum affordable limit of Middle Class Family to lead Good life in the Metro’s means he has to draw at least 1 Lakh Salary per Month.  Then the middle Class Family Able to lead life with out any hurdles. Because the Average middle Class Family spending 50% – 100% for Daily needs like On House Rentals at cost of minimum 10k – 15k Maximum. It’s a Average middle class family Spending’s on Rent.. But many of House Owners not motivated by Demonetization, Still they are asking to Pay the rent on Cash mode only. If they cannot the tenants has vacate.

The Middle class Family cannot take the risk of these hurdles as an extra add on value problems in their daily Life. So they has to Pay as the Owners Wish. The Second Major Problem is Education. These days it is so hard to spend and bare the Expensive Education to their Children for a Middle Class Family. The Schooling Fee Particulars for a play School and Primary Grade Class like Nursery, LKG and UKG costs minimum 30k – 50k. It’s only a Regular Basic fee only….the other Charges like Books, Dress, Registration Fee, Admission fee, Building Fund Donations, Extra Curricular Activities and Annual Day Celebrations… including all these it’ll costs around another 20K – 50K. The Whole fee Structure of a Primary Education costs 50k – 100k interms of Local Standard Schools. If it comes upto International Standard Schools it costs around Lakhs of Rupees.

There is no option for Middle Class who are living in Metro and Major Cities of India to join their children in a affordable School other they have to go for Government School. But is it possible to go option for that where the Government Employees also step back to join their Children. This is Clearly reveals that how the Education Became so Costly. How a Middle Class Family afford these Cost on their Children Education. If it comes to only Primary Education Cost then What about the Upper Primary to High Schooling. We can’t imagine and unbearable that which ruins out our Mind. Even many Schools are not neither influenced nor motivated by Demonetization. The Schools are Charging the fee interms of Cash. They are allowing Swiping machines also interms of Value added Surcharges of 2%. If the Local, Global and International Schools are robbing the Public.

In this Way Many Hospitals, Real Estate and Some kind of Business asking their Customers to pay on Cash. If they use they have to Pay Swiping Charges Extra. Even Banking Sectors also started applying Service Charges that the account holders can with draw only 4 Free Transactions per month and if it exceed 4 Transactions the Charges will be Rs. 150 per Transaction. Previously The Charges are likely Rs. 15 -20 Per Transaction after 5 Free Transactions in a month.

These are only a few things set as Examples there many issues causing huge damage to Our Honourable Prime Ministers initiative towards Demonetization and to make India as Developed country in the Near Future. The above Examples things becoming obstacles and Sport Spoilers to Demonetization Movement. If these things continue like this we never dream about a Golden India. It could become a Nightmare of Golden India by these Sport Spoilers. Please focus on these Corporates who are acting smart out side and acting as sport spoilers from inside. Those who are careless and there is no change in the society.

Dear Narendra Modiji….We the Common Public of India requesting you to that Demonetization and ‘Swatch Bharath’ is your dream.. not only yours.. it is our dream since a long time. We owned your wish as our Dream. So please focus on these issues and the Sky high prices which dancing on the Sky and Corruption…please bring down them to earth. We will keep you at our heart for ever and we call you as the Modern ‘Apara Bhageerath’…that who brought Ganga to earth from Heaven in our Indian Mythology. And our another request to You sir that India is a mother land of Agriculture. It is the backbone to our Country. Please support and save the farmers and Agriculture. It’s like our mother, Please bring a new policy for Agriculture and make them Real and Small farmers as Employees that they will get monthly Salary. India is with you to support the Farmers and Agriculture if it has a Trust run by You. We are ready to take a part of this Swachch Mission of Agriculture.