DNA Test Resulted Married Couple are Twins

Some times some incidents happen in human life that never Predictable and Unbelievable. Even People doesn’t believe that those incidents happened really. Similar Incident takes place in real Life which shocked every one. The both are Twins, One is Female and another one is Male. The both lost their parents in a Car Accident at their Childhood. They were adapted by different families in their childhood.

Later they lost contact with each other and after that they never met again. The brother and sister relationship ends at there. Years passed the both grew up and joined in the same college with out knowing each other. One day both faced each other and they’re shocked that they similar to each other. They couldn’t believe that matching their faces. After days passing they became good friends and loved each other.

They get married Each other. Everything looks fine up to this. They went to a Hospital to get a Test Tube Baby, they went for Medical Examination. The Hospital Doctors discovered that the Couple are Biologically Twins, Doctors revealed a Shocking news after completing DNA Examination to the both. Their DNA tests matched with each other and they are Twins. With this news the Couple and all Shocked at all of sudden. The Doctors didn’t reveal the name of the couples, but they revealed the news to Media.

As per Local Laws in Mississippi twins or brother and sisters married they have to be imprisoned for 10 Years along with 32,000 Rupees fine. But the Couple didn’t know that they are Twins and they didn’t this allegedly. So the Hospital management didn’t lodge any complaint against the Couple they spoke to media. This Incident happened Mississippi City in America where later the news came on to limelight.