Eating Fresh Dates makes you Healthy

Dates are Healthy Fruits which give Instant Energy. Dates have sufficient Potassium levels in it which helps to control Blood Pressure and Pulse rate. It helps to control the Heart Deceases and eating Dates makes us to get rid of Heart complaints.

Let’s take a look some important tips about dates.


  • Dates are regular fruits available in market which has less Cholesterol and Calories. So we can consume daily with out hesitation of having obesity problems.



  • ‘A’ Vitamin is available in dates in the form of anti-oxidants so it helps to make lower chances of Night Vision Problems and it good for our Eyes.



  • Lot of Minerals , Vitamins and Nutritious content available in Dates helps to improve cells in the body.



  • The Minerals like Calcium, Manganese and Copper are available in Dates in a high rate.



  • Dates have Calcium which helps to make strong of our teeth and Bones of the Body.



  • Copper which helps to develop Red Blood Cells count in the blood.



  • Manganese to Grow bones of the Body.



  • Dates can helps to Improve immunity of the body and helps functioning of Immunity System affectedly.



  • Dates are not only helps to make slim and those who are wiling get healthy toned body and healthy weight gaining.



  • Those who are suffering from digestive problems can consume dates daily that soak them in water at night time, eat the dates and drink the water in the early morning times.



  • Dates have naturally available ‘B’ complex along with Vitamin ‘K’. The Niacin, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Peridoxin Vitamins are helps to faster Effective Digestive Life Cycles in the Human Body.



  • Eating Dates which have Vitamin ‘B6’ helps to improve Brain Functioning.



  • Dates are play a key role in Improving Immunity System.



  • Dates are helps to dissolve the Stones formed in Kidneys by consuming regularly. Those who are suffering from Urinary Problems, Urinary Infections it is the best remedy and medicine to control the Problems.



  • Dates are the best fruit consume by Diabetic patients also the t no need to worry of Diabetic problem. The Natural Levels of Sugar in Dates never make of Increasing blood sugar levels in the Body. So Diabetic patients can eat the fruit Happily, but better to take the Doctors advice while consuming them that Quantity of Consumption is the Matter.



  • Dates are the one of the best Fruit for Pregnant Women’s which helps make ease of Labour during delivery time.