Hijras Making Midnight Hulchul at Jubilee Hills Road No 5 in Hyderabad

Be Careful Brothers and Sisters:

Hijras Making Midnight Hulchul at Jubilee Hills Road No 5 in Hyderabad

Hyderabad which is Largest populated and fastest Growing City not only in Telugu States and South India. Hyderabad is the 3rd Largest Populated City in India which is straightly competing with another Largest Metropolitan City Bangalore in the South strongly in all Aspects. Hyderabad to considering as a one of the largest Metropolitan after Mumbai, Delhi cities in the center of development wings like IT, Pharma, Logistics, Hospitality, Auto Mobile, Electronics, Real Estate Industry Corridors. Where Bangalore has the privileges to occupy the Space sharing With Hyderabad. 

Hyderabad has exceptionally tremendous growth for the last five years with increasing population and development rapidly and by taking the International Corporate Investors Attention on Hyderabad took a tole that Hyderabad  to be so called of the International City in India. But The Hyderabad city has not only a Great history, but also it’s taking another tole in the phase of  unethical and under dark activities which are trying to damage and defame the brand name of Hyderabad City like Drugs Mafia, Spa Scandals and Local Mafia Gangs. But the above all are remains history.

Now Another Under Dark Activity is thrashing Brand Hyderabad’s Image and that to happening in Mid Centre of Hyderabad City and it’s a just for long distance to Hitech City in Cyberabad. The Issue of Under Dark is some Hijra’s Making Midnight ramp show on the Roads of Hyderabad City near Hitech City. A Road in Jubilee Hills Area which connects to Hitech city lane creating sensation and terror in people those who travelling in the Same lane in the Area. The Location is opposite to Ex ‘PRP Party’ Office in the Area. The Area is losing sensibility and credibility due to this kind of illegal activities and issues.

The Road No 5 at Jubilee Hills Area in Hyderabad became rendezvous for Hijra’s and youth who addicted for Illegal Activities in the midnight’s. Police patrolling trying to clean the issue but helpless in all the time. Hijra’s are hyper active and making noice, throwing stones in the area by pissing and hitting the people who those travelling and opposing to them. The problems facing by the people who crosses the roads in the lane and residing near the place. If the TRS Government to get respond quickly on the issue for the sake of Public and to keep secure the Brand Hyderabad Image.

Just watch the video to know the information in clear about the Issue.

Hijras Making Midnight Hulchul at Jubilee Hills Road No 5 in Hyderabad