Hyderabad Drugs Case Investigation Heating Up

Hyderabad the Present and Future International City In India. One of the Largest Populated City, One of the Leading and largest IT and pharma Industry City, One of the Top Leading Movie Industry City in India. Now the City is shaking with the News of Drugs Mafia where International Drugs Mafia hands and involves in this Probe.

Tollywood Industry which is became most popular with Bahubali Movie and created sensation Nationally and Internationally. Now the same Tollywood Industry came in to News and creating heat waves Nationally and Internationally. The Issue is Drugs Mafia which is now shaking Tollywood that some Industry People are Involved in this.

The Akun Sabharwal Director General of Excise Department Leading Team is Investigating the Drugs issue. The Drugs allegations are issued to many Tollywood People Like Director Puri Jagannadh, Hero Raviteja, Tarun, Navdeep, Subbaraju, Actress Charmi, Mumaith Khan, Cinematographer Shyam K Naidu, Chinna and some other People.

The Drugs Mafia is Majorly Involved by Local and International Drug Peddler from Nigeria and Chicago. Kelvin who is running this Drug Racket in Hyderabad and a Jishan Ali Nigerian who are Involved in this racket and have contacts with the above Tollywood People. Now the Excise Department SIT team is Interrogating these People.

The Excise Department and SIT Team has sent notice to the People to come for Interrogation and Co Operate with the Team in Interrogation. For the Last Four days The SIT team is Interrogating Tollywood People. First day SIT Interrogated Director Puri Jagannath for 12 Hours. On the Second day SIT Team Interrogated Shyam K Naidu for 6 Hours. But On the Third day SIT Team Interrogated Artist Subbaraju for 10 Hours and Fourth day the Team Interrogated Hero Tarun for 13 Hours and Hero Tarun didn’t take any food for these 13 Hours and Co Operated with the Team.

The SIT team took the Blood, Hair, Nail and Saliva from Tarun, Puri Jagannath and Subbaraju. On Monday The SIT team is going to Interrogate Hero Navdeep, On Tuesday Raviteja and on Wednesday Charmi and on Thursday Mumaith Khan is going to Interrogate. In the SIT Team Interrogation Nigerian Drug Peddler Jishan Ali confessed the Crime and gave information that he supplied Drugs to Hero Ravi Teja. He supplied Drugs to Many Industry People through Ravi Teja that Jishan confesse in front of SIT Team.

Now the case forwarding in iit’s Investigation and taking a huge turn that Hero ravi Teja is Deeply Involved in this case, But whether it is true or not to be need to confirm by the SIT Team. The SIT team is yet interrogate Hero Ravi Teja. Earlier Ravi Teja Two brothers are involved in this drugs Issue that which may be turns in to Sport Spoiler to Hero Ravi Teja.

Hero tarun informed to the SIT in the Interrogation that Many Pubs in Hyderabad supplying Drugs in Night Parties. Now the SIT Team sent Notice to 19 Pubs in Hyderabad. Heroine Charmi is also deeply involved in this Drugs case that she has contacts with Drug Peddlers which is news spreading in Media that Kelvin confessed his offence before SIT team and gave the Information about Charmi.

The All Tollywood People are facing SIT Interrogation are only Suspects in this case not Crime accused and Investigation is still going on. There is a News spreading that Drugs issue is involved with not only Tollywood Industry, But also many other Business, Political and Educational and Pubs as well involved in this that supplying and consuming Drugs.

Akun Sabharwal and Team is taking this as a Challenge and trying find the roots and traits of this Drugs Mafia which shaking the International City Hyderabad. so the Government taking this issue as much as serious and want to make the Telangana State Drugs Free. Another side Senior Congress Political Leader Digvijay Singh tweeted that Many TRS Political Leaders Heirs in this Drugs Case and hiding them.

Latest News updates that Akun Sabharwal got threatened by the International Drugs Mafia that to stop the Drugs Case Investigation that they knew about their family. In which School they are Studying and in which route daily they go to School. The News is officially confirmed by the Akun Sabharwal who is the Husband of Smitha Sabharwal who is the First IAS Officer nominated as a Secretary to the Telangana Chief Minister KCR. CM KCR gave full powers to Akun Sabharwal to Investigate the case Seriously ans Strictly.

Let’s wait and see the coming days how the case will take turns.