Important Tips to Play Online Fantasy Basketball as a Beginner

Do you have a plan of dipping your toe into the waters of Fantasy Basketball? But before you start your fantasy journey, make sure to have some basic knowledge or information about the format that can help you to move forward.

FanFight Fantasy Sports are quite a well-known leading fantasy gaming platform in India and sports lovers participate, explore and enjoy their favorite sports online through it. Many sports fantasy apps provide Fantasy Basketball along with Fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Baseball, Hockey, Rugby, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis Sports & Chess games in India and across the Globe. So, if you are a basketball fan and want to become an active participant, find a reputable provider, and start your journey.

Enhance your gaming skills with FanFight:

As we all know at best, that it takes time to earn experience and with continuous efforts to become a best performer, we do experiments, learn more & more, and improve over time. The same applies to fantasy basketball as well, as we engage with the format we start exploring, getting better with our performance. Playing daily fantasy basketball will enhance your gaming skills, you will be able to grab the winner’s position and earn cash.

FanFight Fantasy Basketball Point System:

How to score points?

There is a format of point-scoring in fantasy basketball; players gather a set number of points through their performance on the basketball court.

  • 2 fantasy points for scoring each real-life point
  • 2.5 fantasy points per rebound grabbed
  • 6 points per steal swiped
  • 3 points per assist registered
  • -2 points per turnover committed
  • 6 points per shot blocked

A standard fantasy basketball team has 13 players, ten active players, and three substitutes. Every active player contributes to the total score of your team for the week. You can allow to move your players from the substitute to the active slot throughout the week for maximizing the total fantasy points.

How to Draft:

Drafting is one of the most important factors in fantasy basketball. You can use a roster spot for selecting your players, either by the draft, from the waiver wire or trade. Draft occurs before the beginning of the season. The fantasy teams are put in order randomly or through some predetermined process, so they follow such order and pick players for their fantasy basketball team.

There is a phase in drafting known as a snake draft when team order reverses. So, the team which picked players last in the previous phase now gets the opportunity to pick first in-phase or round 2. This pattern will continue through all the rounds of the draft.

Structuring the Fantasy Basketball Team:

Usually, you are allowed to have 10 active players and 3 reserve players in your fantasy basketball team, but it is much more complicated than you may think. There are positional designations for each active roster spot, and they are

·       Points guard

·       Shooting guard

·       Small forward

·       Power forward

·       Centre

While drafting your fantasy basketball team on FanFight, you need to maintain the following requirements. You can choose your favourite Fantasy Basketball Team by selecting players by picking desired contest you want join. You Can use 100 free credits select the team.  You need select a team of 8 players from both teams in the match. And the maximum number of players you can choose from the team is limited to 5. Choose fantasy basketball players by using the below fantasy basketball team formation rules.

FanFight Fantasy Basketball Team Formation Rules:

The Minimum number of players you can choose from the below pointers is 1 and the maximum is 4.

1. Point Guards: Minimum 1 & Maximum 4.

2. Shooting Guards: Minimum 1 & Maximum 4.

3. Small Forwards: Minimum 1 & Maximum 4.

4. Power Forwards: Minimum 1 & Maximum 4.

5. Centre: Minimum 1 & Maximum 4.

The Captain will get 2X and the Vice-Captain will get 1.5X the fantasy points for his/her performance. You need to be careful while choosing captain and vice-captain for your team because they are more valuable compared to other players. Your captain fetches you 2 times points than a regular player and your vice-captain fetches you 1.5 times point than a regular player.

Establishing a Routine:

It is essential to have some sort of routine to get success throughout fantasy seasons such as setting your fantasy basketball lineup for the full season throughout a weekend, make changes as required or adjusting the lineup particularly on the day of the game, make choices on the fly. As you continue playing and exploring, you will get to find your set of routine which will make you a strong contender.

FanFight is Fantastic:

If you are new in the fantasy world and looking for a reputable provider to play your favorite fantasy sports, feel free to try FanFight. The popularity of FanFight is rapidly increasing and there is no doubt that it is one of the most reliable platforms for playing Fantasy Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Baseball and Basketball. The FanFight mobile app is very user friendly which is available on the play store.

FanFight Fantasy Sports:

FanFight is an established name in India where you can play your favorite fantasy sports including fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy baseball, and fantasy kabaddi. It offers to win attractive cash prizes daily. The FanFight mobile app is easy to deal with, go to play store, and install the app without hesitation. If you have planned to explore the fantastic world of fantasy sports, then FanFight can be your best option, providing the best fantasy experience.

Installing the App:

FanFight is the best fantasy sports app where you can play multiple sports. It’s easy to download the app and you need to enter some basic details to complete the registration process. Finally, you can start playing games that make you feel confident. Here, you can play various sports like Fantasy Cricket, Football, Baseball, Basketball and Kabaddi.

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Important Tips to Play Online Fantasy Basketball as a Beginner
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Important Tips to Play Online Fantasy Basketball as a Beginner
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