Is Coronavirus Threatening India and the World

Is Coronavirus Threatening India and the World

Yes, It’s true…The Coronavirus Threatening India and the World. The Coronavirus which is born and brought up from China to the World in December 2019. Now the Globe is drastically suffering from the Coronavirus. The Coronavirus is spreading many countries with a jet speed and the cases are increasing day by day in the form of Direct Cases, Contact Cases and Asymptomatic Corona Cases Which is a huge threat to Humans.

There is no proper Medicine and Vaccine found to the Virus, all the human of the World has only one solution to this is Stay Home and be Safe. This is the only mantra to prevent from the Coronavirus.

We need to maintain the Preventive actions as a Weapon that in our hands are like Wearing Mark, Social Distancing of 6 Feet, Proper sanitization and Thoroughly washing your hands and Body as well. Better being at home is the best safety measure unless you’ve emergency or important work.

The Coronavirus spread is threatening that the single day cases in India crosses 9304 yesterday and the deaths toll raises 217 Nationally.

When the lockdown announced the Corona cases are in hundreds of number only at the beginning. It takes 64 days time to cross 1 lakh cases in India. In 64 days the Corona cases reached from 100 to 1 Lakh. But later the situaion is different. The lockdown against Coronvirus freed in many states in India, due to food and financial crisis. The Corona cases are riasing like a flood in Indiaand the 2nd 1 Lakh reached in just 15 days.

Till now the 80% of Corona cases registered in India from 6 States from the Total Number of cases in India. In them 60% of Corona cases are registered from 5 Cities Only. Now the Virus is spreading in Villages through migrant workers all corners across India Which is a fearing news.

Worldwide Corona cases are reaching 65.31 Lakhs, The Deaths toll to 3 Lakh 85 Thousand and Recovered Corona cases are around 30 Lakhs. In the Death rate India is in 3rd place. Total number of cases we reched from 48th position to 7th position Globally.

The Coronavirus Crisis Starting in India, Which is a Warning Signal that the new daily Corona cases are reaching 10,000 Mark. In the last 1 week only the Graph of new Corona cases spiked in India.

The Death rate from Coronavirus in india are 2.82% and where globally it is 6.62%. Many Countries like USA, Iran, Italy, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Britain and China suffering from Coronavirus(Covd-19). Many Countries facing second wave of Coronavirus. In Iran second wave of Corona Virus started with daily registering new corona cases crossed 3000 Mark.

The Indian Scientists have many doubts about spread of coronavirus. Actually The Coronavirus spread is started in December 2019 – January 2020. China and World Health Organisation(WHO) Which failed to Alert and Warn the World. China and WHO simply daclred Coronavirus is Epidemic Where the consequences lead to Global Crisis of Covid-19. Then only China and WHO Cautioned and declared Coronavirus is Pandemic.

There are 2 variants of Viruses spreading in India. One is Wuhan Variant Coronavirus which is found at first in Kerala. The Second Variant of Coronavirus found in five States like Maharashtra, Delhi, Tamilnadu, Gujarat and Telangana, There is a news that more than 195 Transformations the Coronavirus took in India.

Asymptomatic cases fearing a big threat to India. Asymptomatic Cases are like that the person who has strong immunity boosting system can survive from the virus. No Symptoms will found in the person morethan a month. There is no Coronavirus Symptoms like Cold, Cough, Sore Throat and Flu. But Still he is a Virus Carrier. This asymptomatic Cases are very dangerous threat with active spread rate of more than 90% – 100%.

The World is leading life with the fear of Coronavirus in the Shadow of Covid-19. But Nature is bigger than anything…..hope is the best weapon at this time sol let’s pray and hope this pandemic will end soon with the great healing medicine of Nature.

Is Coronavirus Threatening India and the World
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Is Coronavirus Threatening India and the World
Yes, It's true...The Coronavirus Threatening India and the World. The Coronavirus which is born and brought up from China to the World in December 2019.
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