Jayalalitha Dream to become a PM!

Jayalalitha dream and hunch to become a PM of India. She always desired to become as PM, which didn’t happen in her lifetime. Jayalalitha always used to say with nominated Rajya Sabha Member Journalist Kushwanth Singh that just wait and see one day i’ll be in the PM seat which is in the front row she desired. In the Year 1999 she got the chance to become a PM. But it was missed due to Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi.

Jaya became upset and angry with Incident. She gave up the relationship with congress and jointed with BJP. When Jaya With drawl her support to Vajpayee Goverment she thought Congress would support her and nominate as PM. There is a strong reason behind that in 1979 Charan Singh was elected by demolishing Morarji Desai, in 1989 Chandra Sekhar nominated by demolishing VP Singh.  But the Congress shows empty hand to Jayalalitha which made her angry about Congress till the End.

In 1999  there was a Tea party held by Subrahmanya Swamy Jaya had a meeting with Sonia and PV Narasimha Rao to demolish the NDA Government. Sonia promised that If Jayalalitha was helped to down the Vajpayee Government she would be the PM. But Sonia doesn’t keep her Promise which made Jaya Angry till the endd.

Jayalalitha started her political career with Rajya Sabha in Delhi. In the Time of MGR Anna DMK party was formed by Jaya as All India Anna DMK Party. In 1982she joined in the party  and in 1983 she worked as head of Publicity Wing.  In 1984 she was nominated for Rajya Sabha and Started her career as a Member. Jaya was inspired by Indira Gandhi. When she elected for Rajya Sabha and after sworn she took blessings from Indira Gandhi.  Deve Gowda was elected as PM by winning 25 seats. Jayalalitha used to says will become PM by winning 35 seats she is confident about this.

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