Kamal Hassan and Shankar to team up for Bharateeyudu Sequel

Director Shankar Who is Well known on Indian Cinema with his Talent and he is one of the Top Directors of the Indian Cinema. Shankar Movies are likely to be Social Awareness and message Oriented in his own Style of Making. Director Shankar and Crazy Star Universal Actor Kamal Hassan Combination Movie Bharateeyudu(Indian) was a Tremendous Blockbuster at Indian Box Office.

The Movie released as Bharateeyudu in Telugu, as Indian in Tamil and Hindi Languages became a Blockbuster and created Sensation Tsunami at Box Office in terms of Collections as well. The Movie is based on a Story that a Freedom Fighter who has Anti Corruption Policy and try kills the corruption in the Society. On his way he kills his own son who is Corrupted RTA officer. The Reached all Kind of Audience.

Now the news is that these both Shankar and Kamal Hassan Star combination doing a sequel for Bharateeyudu(Indian) Movie after a decades of the Movie relesae. Bharateeyudu(Indian) Movie released in 6th May 1996. There are discussions going about the Bharateeyudu movie sequel. The Story starts with that Bharateeyudu came back from Foriegn. The sequel of the Movie is based on Political Corruption.

Tollywood Star Producer Dil Raju producing the Epic Movie. This is the First time these Star trio Combination doing a movie. The Bharateeyudu movie sequel is going to make in a budget of Rs. 180 crores in Multi Languages. Dil Raju confirmed and announced about Bharateeyudu movie sequel.