Naga Babu felt sorry about Pawan Fans

Konidala Family Mega Brother Naga Babu felt sorry about Power Star Pawan Kalyan Fans that he slammed them in a Public Movie Event. But it is not about any latest Event, it is about a year ago.Why Mega Brother Naga Babu felt sorry about Pawan fans…we need to take a look into year 2015.

Naga Babu fired on Pawan Kalyan Fans in a Audio Release Event of a Movie. He Slammed on the Behavior of Power Star fans, While they were Shouting and making Slogans of Power Star. This makes Naga Babu irritated. He says in Every Public Movie Function of Mega Family and other Heroes Function a group of People making Noise and Shouting about Pawan without listening the Speech of the Star Cast, Seniors and Guests of the Event.

Many Times Tollywood Film Industry Heroes complain against Pawan fans and Incidents happened in their Movie Functions, But no one has dare to Warn Pawan Fans. After listening all these complaints Naga Babu came forward blows up and fired on the Group of Pawan fans. He threatened not to make noising in Movie Events and says try to listen the Speeches of Guests and Seniors.

But now he felt sorry about the Incident he may not blame and Slam the Fans. Because The fans are also apart of Mega family with out their Support and Blessing there is no Mega family. They supported Pawan and they are the pillars for Pawan career. Only fans can show their Fanism on a Hero. So Naga Babu said he made a mistake by shouting on the Pawan Fans felt sorry and Realized. Naga Babu concluded, At that moment what he did by shouting on fans he did right thing. He felt.