Narendra Modi is Happy about Rajini ROBO 2.0 Movie

PM NAMO is Happy about Rajini ROBO 2.0 Movie

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is pride of our Nation. Namo want to change India as the best Country in the World. Now PM Narendra Modi made a Slogan that Make in India. India is a vast Country where there is no less for anything that resources available here, but still India is Developed as big as it is in Actual. This is Major asset we have in our Country in the Aspect of Agriculture, Mines, Forest, Industries and Technology.

Another Side Our Pride of Indian Cinema South Super Star Rajinikanth doing a Movie as a hero where it is a Sequel for the ROBO Movie. Indian Star Director Shankar Shanmugam Directing this ROBO 2.0 Flick. So why PM Narendra Modi is happy with ROBO 2.0 Movie this is the doubt arise in your mind right. What is the benefit Modi has if Rajinikanth is doing this ROBO 2.0 Movie.

There is a Strong reason behind that Modi is Happy and Praising this Movie. The Movie Makers of ROBO 2.0 which LYCA Productions producing this Movie with a Budget of around 450 crores. Which is a highest Budget movie In India Till Now. This is a Highly Technology relevant Subject Movie. If any one dealing a Subject like this Definitely they will approach other Countries Technicians to finish the Movie.

But Director Shankar is Quiet different from this. Instead of Adopting other Countries Technicians Shankar is working with Indian Technicians and Those ho need from Other Countries bringing them to India from their remote location. Shankar Brought the Professional VFX team from different countries to Shoot the all Major sequences in the Movie. This will make benefit many people in the Movie Industry will get employment.

In the respect of PM ‘Narendra Modi’ Slogan ‘Make In India’ apart of this the Producers and Director Shankar made the Decision, To Make the Movie in India. Narendra Modi is So happy with this and Praised the Whole Movie unit. Not only this a few days back PM Narendra Modi met with Rajinikanth and asked about ROBO 2.0 movie that they could consider the ‘ Make in India’ Concept and try promote it in their Movie. Even Shankar, Rajinikanth and Lyca Productions also responds positively for this.

The ROBO 2.0 movie is producing in Seven Languages in Worldwide. So The ROBO 2.0 Movie will push the ” Message and Slogan About ‘Make in India’ across the Globe. Which is Our Pm Narendra Modi’s Wish and Vision.