Pawan Kalyan Meeting about Agri Gold Scam Victims

Power Star and Janasena Leader Pawan Kalyan Visited Vijayawada today to meet the Victims of Agri Gold Scam. He landed in Gannavaram Airport in the morning and after straight away he reached to Tummalapalli Kala Kshetram in Vijayawada. Pawan Kalyan stated that he knew about the issue for few years, but it is under the Court Jurisdiction so he thought that the Court will make the Justice and Favour to the Victims. So he didn’t try to focus on the issue. But After Court Judgement about the issue the problem is not solved yet.
Regarding this issue the court is impatient no jusctice were done to the Victims.

When Upplla Nageswara Rao Garu bring the issue to him after that he is aware of the issue. So Pawan Kalyan is willing to fight for the Justice towards to the Victims. He is ready to unite with all other parties to fight for Public. He stands for the Agri Gold Victims that how they saved money in Agri Gold, Saving each and every rupee for their sake and for their Children Sake. The Victims all are not a Rich One…they are Middle class and poor people only. There are around 40 Lakhs of people involved in Agri Gold in Andhra Pradesh who invested their hard earned money.

The Agri Gold Company has nearly 20,000 Crores of rupees as their Property value. So Why the Governments are not taking action against Agri Gold. Even they are not taking initiative to help the Victims. There are around 1.50 Lakhs of Agents are there for Agri Gold who are Common people and they just worked for the Agri Gold Company and not involved in the Scam. So Local Government and Police Department should give protection to them.

As Soon As possible Government should take action against the Agri Gold Management and stand by the Victims that how Supreme Court helped the Victims of Sahara Group Company and gave notice to Subratho Roy. In West Bengal how Mamatha Benerjee supported the Victims of Sarada Scam. Even Orissa state happened the same. The Political Leaders supported the Victims. When 100’s of bounced why the Government not took action on the management and the company. Why they showed neglegency on the issue. it dargged day by ady and turned out as a Big Scam today and lakhs of people became victims of this Scam.

Pawan Kalyan clearly states that this Law is working strong on Poor People… and same Law Working Weak on Rich People. These Politicians are the supporters to these Scams and now they are trying to en cash the Properties of Agri Gold for a Small Lump sum to Grab it in favour of them. From 1970 the same thing happening. If Any company Starts financing in the same way Political parties are supporting and giving them Publicity. So People are investing in it by trusting the Politicians. Now they are hiding form the issues. The Agri Gold company starts in 1996 and hugely established it’s properties and now trying to scam.

The Agri Gold Company has it’s Business in AP, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Kerala and Orissa, even in some other north states. So Government should take responsibility and discuss with other state Governments and find a solution. Government should stand with the Victims and return their Hard Earned Money. The Agri Gold has 1180 Crores of money that who are invested around 20K Rupees and the number of People are around 13 Lakhs of people. The Agri Gold has around 1400 Acres land property in AP. Which is Hai Land only has 700 Acres in it.

The Government should auction on the properties and return the money to Victims. The Properties should be goes to Government Authorised only and not to the People who are in the Government. So the Brokers and third parties who are richer may not benefited with this issue. If the Government not take action on the Scam Jana Sena Party is ready to fight uniting with other Parties to fight for Justice. He requested the Government that not to become the reason for the Victims death or their cry by delaying the issue. There are many People who works as Daily Labour, Daily business, Chai Business, Pan Business, Small Businesses and Middle Class People. The money should recovered form Avva Venkata Rama Rao Brothers and need to save the Victims by taking support from Financial Experts. There are many victims committed Suicide with no hope about the Scam.

So Our Honourable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh should take action on this Issue by taking support of Prime minister he requested where Lakhs of people lives involved in the Issue. Jana Sena also trying to highlight the issue by taking support of Mupplla Nageswara Rao and Mahesh going to take the responsibility on the issue of Agri Gold Scam from end of Jana Sena Party he says.