Pawan Kalyan Statue photo goes viral

Pawan Kalyan’s Fan and Jana Sena Leader Seethala Mohan Chandu thought of establishing a statue of the Iconic Personality in Tadepalligudem. Penugonda Aruna Prasad and Penugonda Karunakar, Sculptures of AK Arts in Natta Rameswaram, were hired to make the statue.

In 2014 itself, Pawan Youth proudly declared that the statue of Jana Sena Chief would be unveiled at a main centre in Tadepalligudem. But, Pawan Kalyan made it clear to the fans about his reservations on the statue and disapproved the proposal. As a result, Fans dropped the idea of unveiling the statue and covered it completely.

Recently, The cover of the Pawan Kalyan statue was found partially removed and it’s photos went viral on the social media. How does PK and Fans respond to this development?

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