Rekha Revealed the Conspiracy behind Lip lock

Famous Bollywood Senior Actress Rekha wrote her own Auto Biography as a Book. The book name is ‘Rekha: The Untold Story’. Rekha Revealing many secrets through her Book. The latest news is that she revealed about many dark angles of Bollywood. She exposed the truth about Directors, Producers and Heroes.

Recently she revealed a secret about a lip lock when she was 15 Years Old. Bollywood is famous for lip locks in old times. It is hot and sensation about lip locks in Bollywood at that time of 2 decades ago.  The Bollywood Actresses feel shy and uncomfortable for casual kissing Scenes. Even they hesitated to do the Scenes and opposed by them.

In those odd days a Hero and Director made a big Conspiracy against Actress Rekha when she was 15 years old. She explained about the Incident that when she was  15 Years old she agreed to do a Movie named ‘Anjaana Safar’.  Raj Navathe was the director of the Movie and Biswajith was Hero in it.

The hero and director made a decision that they want put lip lock scene in the Movie. But they didn’t told about the Lip lock Scene to Rekha. They allegedly want to shoot the lip lock scene with out her knowledge all the team made a Conspiracy against her.

On the day at that time of Shoot every one knew about the scene on the sets except Rekha.  When the director says Action…Hero Biswajith grabbed her, hugged tightly and kissed her lips Forcefully. Intentionally he kissed by locking her lips for five minutes. On the Sets the whole team saw the scene  they whistled and clapped.

But Rekha was crying continuously by closing her Eyes and waiting for director’s response…till the director says cut… almost Rekha shocked with the incident on the sets …She Revealed.