Sasikala to sworn as CM on Feb7

Flash: Sasikala Going to Sworn as Tamilnadu CM. The Sworn in date is Confirmed as 7 February 2017 on Tuesday at Madras University Hall in Chennai at 11:00 AM.

Late CM Amma Jayalalitha’s friend Tamilians so called Chinnamma’ Sasikala to Sworn as CM. She is going to take charge as Tamilnadu CM on this month Feb 9. After Jayalalitha’s death Paneer Selvam became the Tamilnadu CM with the support of AIDMK party leaders and members. The Central Government BJP also supported to Paneer Selvam as CM. But the Latest Consequences happened in Tamilnadu Politics brought huge changes.

Chinnamma Sasikala want to be the CM after Jayalalitha and she moved dices towards her wish to fulfill. But the later situations after Jayalalitha’s death are against Sasikala. She Remains silent on CM Chair that Majority members of AIDMK supporting to Paneer Selvam. Later Sasikala Sasikala offered the position of MLA from the Constituency of Jayalalitha. But She was keen to take the Charges of AIDMK President instead of racing as a MLA.

Finally She was elected as AIDMK Party President Position. After taking charges of Party President position Chinnamma take over the all hurdles and situations in the Party. Now the AIDMK party is under her control. She controlling the all party members with her Strong influence. She decided to nominate as CM. She was elected as AIDMK Legislature Party Leader on Sunday, Immediately Paneer Selvam resigned to his CM Chair. Now Paneer supports Chinnamma Sasikala to be elect as CM. If it happens she will become the 3rd Lady CM of Tamilnadu.

On Sunday Evening MLA ‘s convention has held at AIDMK’s Party Head Quarters in Chennai. In the Convention CM O. Paneer Selvam nominated and supported Sasikala to be elected as AIDMK Legislature Party Leader. All the party MLA’s are unanimously voted to Chinnamma Sasikala who is nominated by him. The whole Country is looking at Tamilnadu that the things and consequences happening after Jayalalitha’s death will be comes to an end after this.

Sasikala announced that she was accepted and taking the CM Chair which is a wish of all the party members and Tamilnadu Public. The Astrologers suggested good dates are 7,8,9 to her as per her birth chart to Sworn as CM. But the thing is that EX CM late Jayalalitha is a dynamic lady who is just not CM, She was the roaring Lioness in the Tamilnadu Politics crossed many hurdles and negative Situation in her Political life. She is the strongest women in Tamilnadu politics fought with Negative Consequences and faced the Strong Opposition Parties in her political career. That’s why She became AMMA for not only for Tamilians, She is recognized by the Whole Country as Amma of Tamilnadu Politics.

Now the matter is how Sasikala will replace Jayalalitha in Tamilnadu politics with her Presence. Whether she will succeed and become as a Great Leader like Jayalalitha in Politics or not is a Million dollar Question..!