Say good…bye to Neck Pain and Cervical Spondylosis!

Now a days Neck Pain is the Major Problem to Human Beings which is hunting. Once upon a time it can seems in Old Age People the ‘Survical Spondylosis’ now it’s chasing the all Age Groups of people became the Victims of this Problem, Especially Younger Ages.

The reason for causing this problem of ‘Cervical Spondylosis’  is Modern Life Styles.  So Don’t take it as just a Neck Pain. other wise it’ll become a huge problem. If we take a step ahead in the early stages can get rid off this problem.

Causes and Symptoms:

Neck back side it’s starts from the head first 7 Spinal Card Nerves with a Tissue bone called ‘Cartilage’ lies in between which helps for the Flexible moment of the Nerves. It helps to Spinal Card to  move free and Flexible.

This ‘Cartilage’ will be damaged with Unnatural Sitting Postures, long time Spending in front of Desktops and Laptops with out taking a break. Long hours working at a Same place, The Daily food habits, consumption of food which is insufficient and  Lack of Calcium, Vitamins in it causes ‘Damage of ‘Cartilage’.

The changes occur in ‘Cartilage’ can causes horrible Neck pain which is called ‘Cervical Spondylosis’. Which causes of Bone Spurs, Dehydrated Spinal Disks, Herniated Disks, Injury, Ligament Stiffness, Overuse.


If the Neck Pain is Critical and if we move the Neck the pain reached Peak for all sides.

The Nerves Connected in between Spinal Card and hands got under pressure causes Pain Expansion to the Shoulders and up to the Hands. Some times it causes Numbness and Huge Headache.

Some times it causes it is tough to lift Hands.

The Pain causes for Long Standing, Sitting, Sneezing, Coughing  and tilting your neck backward


  • Those who are suffering from ‘Cervical Spondylosis’ if it causing huge problem better to take sufficient rest to control it other wise it increases pain much.
  • Those who are seating in the chair or driving a vehicle at that time better sit in a straight position with a right posture.
  • Those who are suffering from the ‘Cervical Spondylosis’ don’t lift the high weight.
  • At the time of sleeping don’t use height pillows under the Neck.
  • Don’t turn your neck Spontaneously or suddenly.
  • Those who are suffering from the pain don’t do exercise with out the Consultation of the Physiotherapist.
  • Take a Healthy Nutritional Food and Diet get rid off the Problem.
  • There are many Medicines for ‘Cervical Spondylosis in Ayurveda and Homeopathy to cure and rid off the Problem.

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