Sun Rises to stay Healthy and Active all the day!

Many Ancient Cultures like Indian, Sindhi, Egyptian and Greeks etc.  those who Prays and Devoted to the Sun as their God and welcomes him Daily.

Early Morning Sun Rises are keep us to stay so Healthy and Be Healthy. Every day in the Morning the Retina of the Eye which absorbs the Sun light that which Helps set a Master Clock in our Mind.

The Sun Rays will helps to stay Healthy, keep Blood Pressure in Control, Stable the body Temperatures and the release of Hormones in the Body can stabilized and controls the all body functioning.

The Sun rays controls the mind diversion keeps us proactive all the day and keep maintain good concentration all the day by activating the Brain cells and it’s functioning using Sun light.

A Hormone which releases in the body called Melatonin which causes to stay sleepy and drowsy all the day. The Sun rays helps to stop the release of this Hormone in the body and keep us so Active by Releasing Energy in the Body.  This Makes the Circadian Cycle keeps alive and on Track all time.

Sun light helps control the moods by emerging and enhancing the Serotonin which acts as Neuro Transmitters in body that can be improvised by them.

The Sun rays and Morning Sun Light will help us  to stay Energetically and Actively all the day. So All of us wake early morning and have shower on our body by Morning Sun rays and Sun Light. to Stay Healthy and Active.

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