Thala Ajith the Successor of Jayalalitha(Amma)!

Tamil Star Hero Ajith will be as a Successor of the Anna DMK Leader Chief Minister of Tamilnadu who passed away.There is Strong Speculations spreading in Tamilnadu Politics. There is rumor that Jayalalitha already confirmed and selected Ajith as her successor in the Politics.

Thala Ajith who calls Jayalalitha as ‘Amma’ and he is very close to Amma. A few people that who will meet her at Poyes Garden Ajith is one among of them. AIDMK Leaders and Members also expressed their opinion that after Jayalalitha only Ajith will be the one who lead the AIDMK Party with out any split. Who has the guts to face and give tough competition to the opposition DMK party.

So AIDMK Sources want to introduce Ajith as the successor of Jayalalitha(Amma). Already DMK party Leader Karunanidhi has a son as a Successor and strong leader after him. In the same way if Jayalalitha(Amma) doesn’t have a strong leader after her it is difficult to  sustain AIDMK party in the Tamil Politics.

This is the main reason that Thala Ajith who has a huge fan following in Tamil Industry. Ajith who has a great fan base in Tamilnadu after Rajinikanth(Thalaiva), Jayalalitha(Amma). Jayalalitha also expressed the same feeling in front of her Party Leaders and members.

Panneer Selvam will give a big support to Ajith and after Jayalalitha Panneer Selvam will be take the Position of CM Chair at the moment. Jayalalitha expressed that by the next elections Ajith will be bring in to the party and introduced him as a strong Leader of AIDMK in the Tamil Politics she gave a clear message to her party sources.

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