Walnuts to put Check for many Diseases and to stay healthy!

Walnuts a Very Healthy Dry Fruit which helps to keep our Heart Safely. The Walnuts can sweep away the bad Cholesterol in the body and especially in the Heart. Make a habit of eating daily 3-4 Walnuts which keeps to remove Bad Cholesterol in the Heart and Controls the Fat.

So Doctors suggest to eat Walnuts daily that your Heart will be safe and secure with them. Many Researches prove that Walnuts which has a kind of Vitamins and Proteins that helps to our body keep Healthy.

Walnuts can provide the required Fiber and Omega3 acids which helps to our Human Body. Walnuts looks like Brain Structure in the Shape. Not only that Really it can helps to keep Active our Brain. It has a highly Contained Omega3 Acids which helps to Activate the Brain cells and it makes the functioning of Neurons Communication system Effectively and Aggressively that which can transforms Communication in between Neurons.

Walnuts can helps to Develop and Enhance the IQ levels that can helps to make fast and Aggressive decisions. To develop Healthy Nerve system eat Daily Walnuts. Eating Acroots will helps to Weight loss and Decrease the Cholesterol levels in the Body.

This Acroots have Mono saturated Fatty Acids and Omega3 Fatty Acids which helps to control Type2  Diabetes and  it’s Critical illness. Walnuts which has highly Fats and Calories…but they are Good and low Fat which helps to weight loss in the state of food consuming it is confirmed by California University Professor and Researcher.

Daily make a habit of eating a bunch of Walnuts in the Part of Food is very healthy to body.  A 20 grams Walnuts have 13 grams of Multi Antacids, 2.5 Grams of Alphalenolic Acid it contains. Walnut oil which works as a huge medicine for Hair loss. Those who are suffering from hair loss the Walnut oil Amazingly helps them. The Omega3 Fatty Acids which present in Walnut helps to reduce the Hair cell Damage.

Walnut is very helpful to Control Alzheimer Disease. It Increases the Fertility ability in Mens. Eat daily 4 Walnuts get  rid from Diabetes.  The Vitamin – E Which presents in the Walnuts can keep Heart Safe.

The Melatonine Hormone which presents in Human Body helps to have a good and Healthy Sleep. The Walnut take care of the Functioning of the Melatonine Hormone. Walnut Oil helps to Increase the Hair Growth. The Walnut Contains high levels of Potassium in it so daily before taking bath  Apply Walnut Oil to your Head and Massage it.

Th Essential Oil cells of Walnut helps to increase Hair Growth. The Biotin and  Omega3 fatty Acids, Vitamin-E, Copper present in the Walnut are healthy proteins care about health. It Protects from the damage of Sunlight.

Uses and Benefits of Acroots and Acroot Oil

The Acroot Oil keeps hair silky and Softy.  Keep Good Hair Color. Walnut Oil Make hair clean and cures the Dandruff problem. The Fungal Infections are also controlled by the Walnut oil.

Eating Walnuts can helps to get rid from Mental Tensions and Pressure. If we make a habit of Walnut Oil as a part of our daily food can control Blood Pressure(B.P). The Walnuts have high levels of Pholates,  Riboflavin and Thiamine..etc B-Complex Vitamins help for Pregnant women to stay Healthy. It helps in developing of Growing Infant Brain. SO Make a habit of Eating Walnuts daily.

Walnuts contains high Fiber which helps in Digestion and Effective Digestive System Functioning.  Walnuts are helpful for not  only Health and it helps to Enhance the Beauty. The Walnut protects from Free Radical Damage of Skin.

It can Reduce and Control the Skin Wrinkles in the elder ages and make look Young. Those who’ve Oily skin get rid from it using Walnut Oil. Walnut oil helps to controls and remove the Pimples Problem, Black Marks Problem, Black Circles under the Eye Dry Skin problems.





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