Bala Krishna’s GPSK Trailer Release in Karimnagar

Nandamuri Bala Krishna’s Starring Prestigious 100th Movie ‘Gauthami Puthra Satha Karni(GPSK)’. The Story of the movie is about to a Historical Back Drop of Sathavahana’s Last King ‘Satha Karni’ Indian Greatest Telugu warrior Emperor. Who is ruled the kingdom by making Amaravathi as their Capital.

The Movie is Directing by Krish Jagarlamoodi. The movie is completed it’s shooting part. At present the whole team is busy with Post production Work.  As per early announcement the Movie is going to hit the Theaters on Sankranthi Festival.

As per sources earlier the Team of ‘GPSK’ want to release the Movie Trailer in Tirupati. But now it has been moved to Karimnagar in Telangana the makers decided to release the Trailer.  The Movie ‘Gauthami Puthra Satha Karni’ is a Telugu Warrior movie that to it is an Andhra culture those who thinking, it’s an historical master peace which is not about Andhra or Telangana.

The Story is about to Sathavahana’s Kingdom. if we look into history neither Andhra Pradesh nor Telangana formed. it is only so called Telugu Kingdom is there. The TFI is thrilled and why the makers want to release in Karimnagar there is a topic trending all over in the Industry. The Movie trailer is announced to release on this month 16th in Theaters.

But the decision is not simply taken and there is a strong reason behind it  that the King Sathakarni was born in Karimnagar district. King Sathakarni’s native is Koti Lingala in Karimnagar District. He is the first Telugu king who ruled and expanded his kingdom by making Amaravathi as their Capital.

This is a Story  of Telugu Warrior ‘Gauthami Puthra Satha Karni’ and the reason behind to release the Trailer of the Movie in Koti Lingala the makers planning. Even Balakrishna clears that not only Anadhra Pradesh, Telangana also very important to him.