Don’t Ignore if your Kids are waking up all the Night!

If your kids are awake in the Nights……They are not sleeping at least for 3-4 hours in the Night….That means mothers don’t have sleep in the nights and they have to spend sleep less Nights all the time….. If it is after that it’s not a big thing….. But kids are having Sleepless Nights…. they are not sleeping well and they are everything in the nights that means it will impact on growth of the kids in the coming future…. There may be very high chances to effect on kids growth… This is researched and confirmed by Tel Aviv University Scientists.

The scientist confirms that at the time when the children’s are waking up and no one is present besides them or if no one is addressing them the kids automatically adjust by themselves and fall into sleep. But the kids are not sleeping well and no one is recognizing and not getting attention to them all at the time of waking up….. Both of this will leads to changes in kids behavior and there attitude and there are become the cause the Kids behavior.

The scientists selected 1 to 2 years old children And made a research on them…. That how many times that is awaking in the nights the band an instrument like watch story kids wrist to take the readings and noticed the state of sleeping.

After 3-4 years the scientists ask the parents of the kids those who are research by the scientists about their attitude. The scientist find and confirms about the attitude of the kids those who are had Sleepless Nights and waking up in all the time in the nights and lack of attention are the parents in the meanwhile time.

The scientist have found that the kids are having changes in their moods in their attitude and behavior. They are different from normal kids the Research confirmed. The cause of this problem is there is a change in behavior or the environment surrounded by the kids. The scientists says it’s not a big problem the if we find the problem in the early ages and make them have a good sleep we can rid off the problem.

We can Bring changes in their moods and we can clear the problem of changes in their attitude and behavior by making them sleep well.