Is Global Warming Degrading the Earth

Global Warming which is most dangerous and unanimous word to describe the Destroying of the Earth. The Global Warming is a Man Kind Sin. Due to the Modern Kind Greed of win the race against the Nature became huge Degradation of the Environment in the World.

The Modern Mankind achieved many things with his Discovery and Inventions. Even he reached Homogeneous Planets into Space with his Talent. But he forget about his Mother Planet, Which is starving to Survive from the Degradation of the Environment. The Mankind utilizing the resources of the Planet Earth and Building Artificial World with a Concrete Infrastructure and Technology.

Though the Mankind thinking that he is Creative and growing day by day with his Artificial Intelligence and Constructing the Concrete Jungle. But he forgot about that he is destroying the Natural Jungle and polluting the Natural Environment with his Artificial Intelligence Brain which Creating Miracles and Wonders in the World.

The Modern Mankind Polluting the Air, Water, Soil and Forest by degrading the Environment. This Environmental Degradation will leads to end with Disasters like Earthquakes, Tsunami, Pollution, Nature Imbalances like Landslides, Floods, Health Problems, Loss of Biodiversity, Ozone Layer Depletion, Lack of Water Resources.

The Deforestation, Pollution and Landfills are the major Issues which causes Natural and unnatural Impacts on Environment and Earth. This will leads to the Destroying of the World. The Naural Environment Imbalance leads to Earthquakes, Tsunami,Avalanches, Storms, Wildfires, Land Slides and Floods. Which makes the Earth as living hell.

The Iceland becomes the Victim  and taking major Impact of these Global Warming and Degradation of the Environment issues. Where the ANTARCTICA is melting down. The Water levels of the Oceans are increasing. This could impacts on Nature by causing disasters.

Take a look on the Video how Global Warming Impacts on ANTARCTICA Ice Land from the past Centuries.