How to Buy Hyderabad Metro Train Tickets

Hyderabad Metro Rail Key Features, Connectivity & Ticket Booking System

Hyderabad Metro Rail is a rapid transit system serving the city of Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Telangana. It is one of the largest metro networks in India, providing a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for the residents and visitors of Hyderabad.

Here are some key features and information about the Hyderabad Metro Rail:


The Hyderabad Metro Rail network consists of three operational lines, namely:

a. Red Line (Line 1): This line connects Miyapur to LB Nagar, covering a distance of approximately 30 kilometers with 27 stations.

b. Blue Line (Line 2): This line runs from JBS Parade Ground to Falaknuma, covering a distance of around 29 kilometers with 23 stations.

c. Green Line (Line 3): This line connects Nagole to Raidurg, covering a distance of about 28 kilometers with 24 stations.


The metro network connects various important locations in Hyderabad, including commercial areas, residential neighborhoods, educational institutions, and major transportation hubs such as the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport and major railway stations.

Services and Facilities:

Hyderabad Metro Rail offers air-conditioned trains with comfortable seating, dedicated women’s compartments, and facilities for persons with disabilities. The stations are equipped with amenities like escalators, elevators, ticket vending machines, and automated fare collection systems.

Frequency and Operating Hours:

The metro trains operate at regular intervals, typically every 5-10 minutes, depending on the time of day and line. The operating hours are generally from around 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Hyderabad Metro Rail uses a smart card-based ticketing system. Passengers can purchase a smart card or use a QR code-based ticketing system available on mobile apps for a hassle-free travel experience. The fares are calculated based on the distance travelled.

Future Expansion:

The Hyderabad Metro Rail network is continually expanding. Several new lines and extensions are planned, including the Blue Line (Line 4) from Nagole to Raidurg and the Green Line (Line 5) from Jubilee Bus Station to Falaknuma.

Hyderabad Metro Rail has significantly contributed to easing traffic congestion, reducing travel time, and improving public transportation in Hyderabad. It has become an essential mode of transport for thousands of commuters, offering a convenient and reliable way to navigate the city.

Steps to buy Hyderabad Metro Train Tickets, You can follow:

Visit the Hyderabad Metro Rail website:

Go to the official website of Hyderabad Metro Rail, which is

Plan your journey:

Use the journey planner available on the website to find the route, stations, and fare details for your desired journey.

Choose the ticket type:

Hyderabad Metro offers different types of tickets, such as Single Journey Tickets, Stored Value Smart Card (Metro Smart Card), and Tourist Smart Card. Decide which ticket type suits your needs.

Purchase tickets online (Metro Smart Card):

If you want to purchase a Metro Smart Card, you can do it online through the website. Look for the “Metro Smart Card” section on the website and follow the instructions to buy the card.

Purchase tickets at the station:

If you prefer to buy a single journey ticket or recharge an existing Metro Smart Card, you can do so at the Metro ticket counters or ticket vending machines available at the Metro stations.

Ticket vending machines:

At the station, locate the ticket vending machines. These machines are self-service kiosks where you can select your destination and purchase the desired ticket. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen, select your ticket type, and make the payment.

Metro ticket counters:

If you prefer to interact with a Metro staff member, head to the ticket counter at the station. Provide the details of your journey to the staff member, and they will issue the ticket for you. Pay the fare amount at the counter to complete the purchase.

Recharge Metro Smart Card:

If you already have a Metro Smart Card and need to recharge it, you can do so at the ticket vending machines or ticket counters. Provide your Metro Smart Card to the machine or the staff member, select the recharge amount, and pay the fare.

Remember to keep your ticket or Metro Smart Card with you throughout the journey, as you may need to present it for inspection during ticket checks.

Now You Can Book Metro Tickets using Whats App in Hyderabad

Now You Can Book Metro Tickets using WhatsApp In Hyderabad

Initiate a chat with +918341146468, or click on this link to access the Hyderabad Metro Rail chatbot.

Once you initiate a conversation, you will receive a welcome message with a one-time password that is valid for five minutes, and a link to book a ticket online with Book Now Button.

After Booking Confirmation and Payment Done, You will receive a message Open eTicket and you can able to view the tickets. The Booked tickets will show with QR Code..using the QR Code you can scan the tickets at check in point and Check out points of Metro Stations.

You can do cashless payments at Metro Stations for tickets booking using PhonePe App.

Hyderabad Metro Train Timings:

Hyderabad Metro Rail is operational from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm. The first train starts at 06:00 am and last train departs at 11:00 pm from all terminal stations like Miyapur, LB Nagar, Nagole, Raidurg, JBS Parade Ground, MG Bus Station.

Hyderabad Metro Train Route Map:

Red Line – Miyapur to L B Nagar via MG Bus Station, Nampally & Ameerpet.
Green Line – JBS Parade Ground to MG Bus Station via Secunderabad.
Blue Line – Nagole to Raidurg via Secunderabad & Ameerpet.

Interchange stations connecting two different lines

MG Bus Station connects Red Line and Green Line
JBS Parade Ground connects Green Line and Blue Line
Ameerpet Station connects Red Line and Blue Line

How to Buy Hyderabad Metro Train Tickets
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