Day of Intestinal Worms Extermination on Feb 9 by TRS Govt

Intestinal Worms Extermination Day on 9 Feb 2018

Intestinal Worms Extermination Day on 9 on Feb 2018


Day of Intestinal Worms Extermination Campaigning conducting by TRS Govt on Feb 9 2018 this year. The Tablets are available at all Anganwadi Centers and All Public Schools in Telangana State. This Intestinal Worms Extermination Tablets are given to the all kids, boys and girls from age Group  1 Year to Age Group 19 years is a must. TRS Government is Conducting this health Campaign

All Parents to be requested to get the Intestinal Worms Extermination Tablets tablets from all available centers issued by Commissioner of health and Home Safety Ministry, Government of Telangana State. Please utilize the opportunity to give the Tablets your kids that we can make them Healthy by exterminating the Intestinal Worms. 

This Intestinal Worms will develop in the Stomach and when ever it is developed in the stomach the symptoms are like this that Kids never feel hungry or may not able to take appetite. Kids always suffer from Stomachache problem. It causes in digestive system in them. So Get the right dosage of  Intestinal Worms Extermination Tablets  to your Kids and Make them live Healthy.