Kattappa Troubling Bahubali

‘Why Kattappa Kills Bahubali’ this is the Million Dollar Question to All Indian Movie Lovers which is haunting for few Years after releasing ‘Bahubali – The Beginning’. Now the puzzle is going to break on Screen with in a few days. Yes, ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ movie is releasing Soon World wide on this April 28th in record number of theaters around 6000.

After the release we all get the Answer for the Million Dollar Question ‘Why Kattappa Kills Bahubali’. But here the news is Kattappa is troubling Bahubali not Only on Screen, But also Off Screen. In the sense of Karnataka Issue Kattappa troubling Bahubali Movie. The Issue is Kaveri River Waters which Kattappa Sathyaraj Supports his state Tamilnadu and Spoke against Karnataka about the issue.

Now the Protesters allegedly want to take revenge on Kattappa by Not to release the Movie in Karnataka Theaters. Already Protestations are at high in Karnataka against Kattappa and Bahubali Movie. Due to this issue Kannada Communities are angry on the The Bahubali and Kattappa. Then Let’s wait and see how Kattappa will save the Bahubali Movie himself taking Responsibility in Karnataka.