Is KTR the next CM of Telangana

KTR the next CM of Telangana!

KTR(Kalvakuntla Taraka Rama Rao) who is well known as a Cabinet Minister, handling different Portfolios in Telangana as IT Minister too and he is the Son of Telangana Chief Minister KCR(Kalvakuntla Chandra Sekhar Rao).  There is a news trolling on the internet and creating buzz that KTR will be the next CM of Telangana.

How can it possible….KCR is the CM of Telangana State and now I’m telling KTR is going to be the next CM, this is doubt arise in your mind right!

There is a news spreading on internet about KCR. CM KCR who is famous for his Political Intelligence and Run Politics in his own unique style. Not Only this KCR fought for Separate Telangana State and Succeeded. Now he became the most successful CM of Telangana. But, In the Coming days CM KCR is going to Retire from Telangana Chief Minister Position. There is a talk going that CM KCR will retire from CM Position and his son KTR will take the Charge of CM of Telangana.

Why CM KCR going to take this decision means there is strong reason behind this.  Telangana Rashtra Samithi(TRS) Party which is an Indian Regional Political Party Unanimous in Telangana State only and Now TRS is the only Party that which is in ruling and most Powerful Party in Telangana.  But, The TRS party is not well recognized in National Level as like as BJP, Congress, CPM, AAP, TDP , Trunnamul Congress, AIDMK, DMK Parties. So that, CM KCR will retire from Telangana CM Position by this year end December 2017 and will focus on TRS Party to bring National Level Recognizance to TRS.

A part of this TRS Party Foundation day on 27 April, So on the same day CM KCR want to make KTR as Party Working President. But, Making KTR as Party working President which is very responsible Degree and it’s not a simple thing to handle. CM KCR doesn’t want to give this position to his Son KTR, for this reason KCR Preparing a Special Strategy.

CM KCR created a Special team with some party senior politicians with their research, CM KTR want to know about KTR Political knowledge and talent. Whether it suits for his Political Career to become as Chief Minister or not. As of now every one knew about KTR and his Extravagant talent as a Speaker. but it is not enough to become a CM. So, KCR want to conduct this test to KTR. After getting the feedback from the team and with including his won analysis, KCR will take the decision.

In this analysis if there is no positive buzz around KTR or If KCR changes his decision to make KTR as CM, Then KCR will continue as CM for the next 2 years up to 2019, there is no doubt about it which news is coming form TRS Party Sources.


KTR, who has already proved as a best leader with great knowledge and talent in Political wing as well as Telangana State Development. KTR deserves the position as a CM, who is young and dynamic. We’ve seen last 4-5 years how he is handling the International City Hyderabad, which is growth corridor of Telangana State. He is creating development through attracting Investments in various sectors like IT, Pharma, Automobile and Electronics Industries. We hunch, In the coming future…he will desperately more focus on Hyderabad and Telangana with a huge vision….which will be written in history of Golden Telangana that he is just not a CM…he is the Telangana people’s CM like his father.

Is KTR the next CM of Telangana
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Is KTR the next CM of Telangana
Is KTR the next CM of Telangana. There is a talk going that CM KCR will retire from CM Position and his son KTR will take the Charge of CM of Telangana.
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