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A23 Online Rummy Games – Promises Best Online Gaming Experience with Big Cash Rewards!

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A23 enjoys the repute of being the most trusted and used online rummy sites in the country with a huge user base of more than 22 Million+ Rummy admirers. Players from almost all parts of the country can register on the site and start playing in heart thumping tournaments that have big prize money at stake. Indian rummy or 13 card rummy is one of the most played games on the portal and the cash winning amount is also huge, this is what makes gaming real fun and exciting. Players can have an enjoyable 13 card rummy gaming session as per their comfort, as and when they want.

A23(Ace2Three) Online Rummy- Few Interesting Facts Explained:

Indian people have been ardent lovers for the card games and this is why when it comes to rummy the passion stands huge. Out of all the formats available, Classical rummy is the one that allows players to exhibit their rummy skills in the most impressive manner.

Indian Rummy or 13 Card Rummy or Sequence is the one that does not require too many players, a minimum of two players can begin the game and the maxim number is 6. Indian Rummy is a perfect amalgamation of two interesting rummy formats, Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy and is played with two decks of cards, including the jokers.

We are proud to say that A23(Ace2Three) was amongst the first few sites that launched Indian Rummy on the web portals catering to the love and interest of the people in the country for the game. We have maintained top rankings in the country and enjoy the position of 1st online rummy site that has an interesting user interface that allows players to play for cash and free.

If you are someone who does not know how to play rummy, we have some amazing video tutorials on the site that will educate you about the process along with the tactics. One more thing, we have also explained the rules, steps and other playing conditions in written on the site too, so it is entirely your choice, which to choose to learn playing the game and get going. You can play with seasoned players and this is going to perk up your rummy skills enabling you to win cash and add to the skills at the same time.

Indian Rummy Rules- Learn these how to start playing the rummy games online:

To begin with, Indian Rummy is played with two card decks, containing two jokers. Cards in every suit rank ace, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, Jack, Queen and King.

  • Jack, King & Queen are the face cards in the game.
  • Ace is the card that can be used in two ways, either as 1 or as a face card when it comes to grouping the cards in a set to place a valid show in rummy.

Jokers- The Most Interesting Cards in the Game:

Jokers are indeed the most valued and interesting cards in the game of Indian Rummy online, there are two types of jokers present:

  • Paper joker
  • Cut joker.

A Valid Rummy Show- Let’s Learn the Basics:

To declare a rummy show, the player needs to arrange his 13 cards in a sequence, usually referred to as life. A valid show is the one that has all, a pure life, a second life and all the left-out cards or sets.

  • Pure life or pure sequence is a set up of cards that do not contain a joker.
  • Impure Life or second life is the one that can either have or not have a joker.
  • Life card or set contains around 3 to 4 cards that might rank the same but belong to different suits. These sets can contain jokers.

How is the Score Calculated in 13 Rummy Card Games?

  1. A valid show stands for 0 points.
  2. Game gets over when any player makes the first valid show. At this point, rest of the players on the table need to submit their cards to create best groups to minimize the score.
  3. An individual player’s score is calculated based on card arrangement and validity of the sets and sequences created.
  4. Jack, King, Queen and Ace all stand for 10 points each.
  5. The maximum score limit in the game is of 80 points.
  6. If any player declares a show and is found wrong this moves amounts to 80 points, no matter what all cards he has in the hand.

A23(Ace2Three)- Monthly Tournaments:

There are multiple tournaments organized on the site on almost daily basis, but the monthly ones tend to attract more and more players, due to the large winning amount placed at stake.

  • T20 knockout Bash: In this tournament a huge amount of 30 lacs is placed in the winning pool and the players can participate by paying a meager fee of Rs 50.
  • Ace Ride: This is indeed the most exciting of all monthly tournaments as the prize money here is 50lacs and the players can tournament is organized on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday, daily at 4 p.m.
  • Rummy Rally: This tournament is meant for the ones who want to experience real excitement as the monthly pool is of Rs 30 lacs and the game is played daily at 10 a.m.

Choose Your Favorite Rummy Variant and Play Rummy Online to Win Real Cash:

We at A23(Ace2Three) have something for every rummy lover, so, no matter whether you are a pro at the game or a learner, you can choose the format that matches your playing style. You can be a part of the game that you prefer depending on the joining amount and start playing the game by choosing the number of players you want to play with, this can range from 2 to 6 players. Various online rummy games or rummy variants that the players can enjoy with are:

  • Points Rummy: This is the fastest of all rummy variants on the Ace2Three site as this game lasts for one deal only. After each game, the winner receives chips from other participants based on entry value and count.
  • Deals Rummy: Deals Rummy is super exciting as in this format 2/3 deals or rounds are played between 2 players and the player that has lesser count at the end is declared the winner. There is no option of drop or middle drop in this game, however if one player does not play his or her cards on timely basis, the final score is calculated on the basis of best of 3 or best of 2 or best of 3 grand and best of 2 grand.
  • Pool Games: Also referred to as syndicate, in this rummy format the player who scores the least is declared the winner. We have three pool formats on A23 site, “101 pool”, “201 pool” and “Best of Three”.
  • Gun Shot: As the name suggests, this game is played at the speed of a gun shot as it lasts only for one deal and there is no middle drop allowed. The winning amount at the end of each game is calculated as total number of players on the table who lost the game plus winner’s entry amount after deduction site’s commission.
  • Multi Table Tourneys: This format allows large number of players to participate in the game and is played by enjoying players at the table to carry out a competition.

Apart from these formats, we have free tournaments organized for the players to want to win cash. Talking of the tournaments that have created a huge buzz online, we have organized a tournament called “Rummy Indian Open 2021”, the response was overwhelming, and the winning amount was 1 Crore with an entry fee of Rs.11.

Join and Play A23 Rummy Indian Open 2021:

What Makes Ace2Three The Most Trusted and Largest Online Rummy Site In India?

We at Ace2Three have kept online gaming super easy and fun for our players, and we have some interesting rewards that keep the players get pleasure from the game even more. As soon as a player registers or signs up on the site, he or she gets Rs 50 in the wallet along with a welcome bonus that could go up to whopping 5000* + Rs 200* cash on the first transaction made to the wallet. There is “Refer A Friend” bonus that can be won by the players if they refer our site to other rummy lovers and in this there is a special cash addition too in the form of monthly and daily bonuses that can be won by the players by daily playing the game.

In addition to the above stated rewards, A23(Ace2Three) also rewards the players with AcePoints, which is a reward program under which the players can earn AcePoints to play the game online. Creating an account on A23 site is free and the players can start winning these rewards and bonuses as soon as the account gets validated.

We have strict security controls in place; our prime goal is to ensure that the players enjoy the game with no stress related to security breaking their focus. All the transactions are validated for their authenticity, and this is what makes Ace2Three world’s no 1 online rummy playing site in terms of security.

Playing Rummy has been declared legal by the government of India, as it has been stated that Rummy is a game of skill as there is no element of gambling involved. We have kept the legal norms in mind while creating this amazing looking online rummy interface so that the players get a chance to win real cash the legal way.

Play Your Favorite Rummy Variant & Add Some Quick Bucks to The Wallet

With more than 22 million players online enjoying playing rummy on the site, there is nothing more than needs to be said about how amazingly A23 site works to create out the best gaming experience for the lovers of card games. Not only this, but the players can also win cash prizes on daily basis, the only pre-condition here is that they need to get registered. On registering, a player gets 5000 chips to start playing the game and these can be utilized to play any of the rummy formats. On making the first cash transaction into the wallet, the player gets the tag of premium member and also gets 175% welcome bonus that could go up to Rs.5000*.

We have kept the gaming interface really engaging and with the option to play the game of online rummy at their preferred device, desktop or phone or tablet the fun always continue. With so many options to win real cash such as online tourneys, tournaments, the players just need to participate and compete as the chances of winning stand countless.

A23(Ace2Three) is not only the most preferred online rummy site, but indeed the securest of all portals too. If you want to play rummy 13 card games the legal way, going with A23 is the only platform that guarantees safe game play. With Ace2Three App available, the players can enjoy their game session as and when they are in the mood to play and this is what adds up their chances of winning rewards too. You can download the app and will get Rs.50 in the form of instant cash; you can start playing the game and add to the chances of winning big cash prizes.

3 Simple Steps to Start Playing Indian Rummy Games Online at A23:

There are 3 basic steps that need to be followed by the players to start playing 13 card games on A23 site/app.

  1. Free Signup: Players can create a free account on the site and start playing the game with 5000 free chips.
  2. Get 300% Bonus:  As soon as the first cash transaction is initiated, the players get 300% bonus amount in their wallet and this amount can go as high as Rs.10,000. This offer is valid on only on first cash additions till the 31st of August 2021 @ 11:59 PM.
  3. Win Cash: Once the account gets created, the players can start playing for cash by participating in various tournaments.

Become A Premium Player to Cash on Lots of Premium Benefits:

As we all know, online rummy is indeed the most preferred game online and now that the option to win cash is available it has become extensively rewarding too. if you are a rummy lover who wants to get the best online gaming experience, then going with A23(Ace2Three) would come out as the best decision undoubtedly, we are already trusted by millions of players out there. With strong security controls, we have become the most secure online gaming platforms in the country that allow players to put their best rummy skills to show with no fear of security at all.

A23(Ace2Three) is accessible 24*7, the players can access our site anytime, using any device and the best part about playing Indian rummy is that you always have players on board that are ready to give you a strong competition. By playing rummy at A23, you get cash, you win accolades from co-players and you polish your rummy skills.

Players can start playing the game online now and will get 5000 chips for practicing almost instantly and on making the first cash transaction they will get an additional bonus up to Rs.10,250.

Special Offers running on A23 that make rummy online playing even more interesting:

Playing Online Rummy Is Super Fun and Pleasurable at A23:

When looking for a fun game, going online with A23(Ace2Three) promises to be a great option. We are a leading site that has a huge customer base and with more and more people using the site the focus is on adding new tournaments so that every player gets a chance to win real cash daily. The players can start playing the game by getting registered on the A23 site and would get 5000 chips to play, and that too absolutely free. Also, there is an amazing welcome bonus that the players get on their first cash addition.

No matter, whether you are newbie player or a pro at online rummy, playing at A23(Ace2Three) will be a great experience. There are unlimited game options and the players can easily go with the format that matches their preferences. Cash prizes up to Rs 50,000 can be won on daily basis and the same can be redeemed with the Quick Pay-out service. So, do not think any more, learn the game of rummy, polish your skills and participate in tourneys to win big amount.

We enjoy the reputation of being the most trusted and reliable online rummy platform and this is what makes us count amongst the top rates rummy sites in the country. A23(Ace2Three) is loved by rummy players and now that the app is also functional, players have the access to game at their fingertips. Download the app and get Rs 50 instant cash bonus in the account, start playing the game of Indian Rummy for free.

Stop thinking, if you love rummy, A23(Ace2Three) is the best rummy app /site to go with to play card games and have lots of fun along with infinite chances to win real cash!

A23 Rummy Indian Open 2021 Tournament

A23 RIO Tourney 2021 | Play Rummy Indian Open Tournament Online and Win Real Cash Big

Play A23 RIO (Rummy Indian Open) 2021 Tournament Online and Win Real Cash Big. Gear up for India’s Biggest Rummy Tourney on A23 and become India’s greatest rummy player. Welcome to India’s Biggest Rummy Tournament A23 Rummy Indian Open 2021. A23 RIO Tourney starts from 22 May 2021 to 22 August 2021 with a Mega Prize Pool of Rs.25 Crores, Weekly Prize Pool of ₹1 Crore and Stand a chance to win a grand prize of ₹1 Crore.

Join and play Rummy Indian Open 2021:

A23 Online Rummy Games | Play Indian Rummy Online Games and Win Real Cash

Play Indian Rummy Online Card Games and Win Real Cash on A23. Download Rummy App on A23 (Ace2three) and start playing rummy cash games for free and win real cash prizes daily. Sign up and get instant cash. 100% safe & Secure. Join the fun crowd and play for free and Cash ! Play Responsibly.


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