If you Unsatisfied don’t pay Service Tax : Central Govt Statement

Post Demonetization effect Public of India are outraged Angry up on the current Central Government. Public are expecting so much from the Government. The Modi Government will save the India. The Central Government also taking steps towards to this to get positive waves from Public in the Country and  Welcoming them into New Year 2017. The Modi Government gives a Statement on Service Charges Incurring by the Hotels and Restaurants in the Country.

People love to enjoy eating food in the Hotels and Restaurants with family which are like New Year and many other Occasions to celebrate.. All these days, They kept complaining about the service charge levied by the Restaurants irrespective of quality of the service which is causing burden with Extra Charges. The Management charging this in the form of Service Tax which is an Extra to the Bill.

The Union Government Today issued a directive saying Customers can refuse to pay the Service Tax in case if they aren’t satisfied with the Hotel experience in the form of Food and Service by the Staff and management. A clarification has been given that Service Charge isn’t mandatory. All the State Governments were asked to spread the word to restaurants and hotels.

Hotel Association of India opined service charge can be waived off experience isn’t good and paying it is strictly voluntary. This move came as a shock to Restaurants who charge 5 to 20 percent on the total bill despite substandard service.

So now on wards it is the Customers wish to pay the Service Charge if they are Happy and Satisfied with Services other wise they can Ignore. But this is so funny to hear this making a statement which is Customers Choice….if they make a clear statement to livid the Service Tax…Customer feels happy with exclusion of Charges burdens and empty his Pocket.