10 Ways to Make Money Through the Fantasy Cricket Apps

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world and an outnumbered people play and watches this regularly. It is quite natural that people will show their interest if they get the chance of engaging with the game more actively and fantasy cricket is such an opportunity. It allows a cricket fanatic becoming an active participant, applying your cricketing knowledge and winning an attractive amount of cash prizes.

How to make money through fantasy cricket app:

If you are planning for developing a fantasy cricket platform, then you should consider how can you get the most out of it and at the same time providing the best service to your users, so they remain engaged with your platform for a long time.

Use Advertisement as an Earning Tool:

 Advertisement are considered as a great source of generating revenue. Through the right design and development assistant, you will be able to attract so many enthusiastic people, earning revenue for free. Are you having the right platform? If yes, then you can certainly make a significant amount through advertisements.

Make a Deal with other Fantasy, eCommerce and Business Platforms:

There is no doubt that the popularity of fantasy cricket is increasing over time. Fantasy cricket apps or websites can display ads; you can allow other businesses displaying their ads in your platform and earn healthy revenue.

Expand your horizon with multi-platform software:

You have the options for developing iPhone or android powered program during the development of your fantasy cricket software. Though, the number of android phones user is comprehensive, it does not mean Apple is underrated. You should consider launching both Apple and Android-based software, attracting more users and boosting your revenue.

Attract newbies with free leagues:

First-time users expect registering and playing the game free of cost. Free leagues attract more enthusiasts because they get the chance to indulge and explore the game and become an active member without the risk of losing their money.

Modify your fantasy service as required:

Once your fantasy cricket platform is recognized by people and you have a certain user base, you should make your moves, adding interesting components that can engage the users and you can earn more revenue.

Ecommerce can be a great way to earn:

You can also consider selling authentic and cricket-based merchandising, leverage your users for selling their stuff according to their interests. You will get a commission on each sale your users make which will be a mutual benefit.

You can also sell out different products related to a variety of franchises such as the franchise shoes, t-shirts, jerseys autographed by real players, bats and much more. It will certainly add an extra spark to your expected revenue.

Consider Putting in Distinguished Features:

  • Cricket quizzing can make your platform more interesting

By adding this special feature, you can make the game more fun, attracting more enthusiastic people. Such quizzes will help your users improving their knowledge of cricket and earning coins of value that will be beneficial in the upcoming contests.

  • Information about teams and players

If your fantasy cricket app provides player profile and team info where the users can get information about the current form of the players, their performances in past matches, batting average and different other aspects, it will help to keep your existing users engaged as well as dragging the attention of other cricket lovers who want to try their experience through fantasy cricket. And with an increasing user base, you will make money.

  • Substitution during a live match

This is another exciting feature that you can consider adding to your fantasy cricket app, providing your users with the opportunity of switching two of their players even during a live match and that can also be the captain and vice-captain. It is an outstanding way to attract more individuals, so they start using your platform.

  • Adding on block-chain integration

This feature allows the users to utilize their crypto-currency as match fee and they can also withdraw their winning amounts in crypto-currency. It is not much difficult to access the feature and it will boost the number of your fantasy cricket app users.

Fantasy Cricket in India:

Fantasy cricket in India, is the kind of fantasy sports. It is web fantasy cricket games where you can build up your virtual team of real cricket players of different nations and score the points depending on those players real performance in real matches. To win the tournament series, you must work to gain maximum points to get rank 1st on the Leaderboard.

The match is base of bowling and batting that is most debating part of cricket policy. Team of 11 players will play the match from the pool. In this, no need to select team as real cricket team. You can add any type of players to gain max points by assuming margin as soon as possible. Fantasy cricket is for 3 international forms like ICC world cup, IPL league and T20 world cup.


Want to play fantasy cricket? Try FanFight, a reliable name for playing various fantasy sports including cricket, football, and Kabaddi. They are also considering other sports to include in their platform. FanFight provides its users with an easy interface, so they do not face any difficulties while playing and enjoying their favourite sports.

You can refer a unique code to your friends or family members and when they join FanFight using such code, you get a commission. FanFight offers daily cash prizes to their users whether you play through their mobile app or website.

So, you can explore the fantasies in real-time that makes you feel happy.

List of New Top 15 Fantasy Cricket Apps in India to Play and Win Cash Big Daily:

List of Best 15 Fantasy Cricket Apps and Sites in India














Paytm First Games



Latest New Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

Some other Latest and New Fantasy Cricket Apps are like….GoodGamer, Apne11, Faboom, KhelChamps, Duggout, FSL11, MyFab11, Dotball, Dolostar, GoSuper11, Jeet11, Playone, League11, Fansploe, Real11, IndusGames, Lucky11, Sport11, FanMojo, Cricplay are the some of fantasy apps to play and Win Daily.

10 Ways to Make Money Through the Fantasy Cricket Apps
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10 Ways to Make Money Through the Fantasy Cricket Apps
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