Akshay is the Real Bollywood Super Star says Salman Khan

Bollywood Film Industry which is famous and well known for Bollywood Super Stars Tri-Khan’s. The Meaning comes for Bollywood means Khan’s and Khan’s men Bollywood. Khan’s can make any thing in Bollywood like only Khan’s will create records and khan’s will break the records. Yes we are talking about There Super Star Khan’s in Bollywood are Mr perfectionist Aamir Khan, Muscle Warrior Salman Khan and Most Talented Shah Rukh Khan. With out these three Super Star Khan’s the Bollywood Industry may accomplishes it’s name. Up to Now these three Khan’s making waves in Bollywood with their Acting and Charisma in Bollywood.

But now another Silent Bollywood Super Star making waves in Bollywood he is none other than Akshay Kumar Bollywood people call him with a pet name Akki. Yes, Akshay Kumar who is creating waves in Bollywood with his Amazing Rib Tickling, Comedy, Roaring Action and Multi talented unique acting Style. Akshay Kumar who is racing in Bollywood with consecutive back to back Super Hits in Bollywood from the Movie ‘Oh My God(OMG).

This Silent Super Star releasing 3-4 movies per a year and delivering Super Hits with maximum Success rate. This Year released Jolly LLB 2 a Super Hit Movie and now for this August 15th Independence day he is coming with a message Oriented Comedy Flick ‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’ Movie which supports ‘Swatch Bharath’ Mission. Now coming to the point Bollywood Super Khan Muscle warrior Salman Khan showered with praises on Akshay Kumar.

Salman khan stated that Akshay Kumar is the real Bollywood Super Star and all the three khan’s are waste in front of him. Akshay Kumar is a so Simple and Humble Silent Super Star making movies and releasing 3 Movies per a year by delivering all Super Hits. Akshay Kumar is fully entertaining the Bollywood Audience and creating good profits to the producers. Indirectly he is supporting to the many hundreds of people by getting work for them with his movies.

Salman Khan says that he is also like Akshay Kumar in the past but as of now there is a reduction in the Speed of making Movies that’s why he can’t able to act and release movies like Akshay Kumar. So he stated that all heroes should be like Akshay Kumar and from now on wards he will also try to make 2 movies will be release at least per a Year. Salman Khan’s New Movie ‘Tubelight’ is releasing this Friday in Theaters.

This is really Appreciative that a Supers Star stating about another Super Star by giving huge respect towards the Star Hero and blaming himself. Really hats off to Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar.