Indian Banking System can be hacked easily: Legion Group

Indian Banking System which has many loop holes in the System which is diplomatic and with very weak Cyber Security System. We can easily Hack the Indian Banking System says Legion Hacker Group they revealed some facts about it.

The Legion Hacking group recently they hacked many big shots twitter accounts like Congress Party Vice- President Rahul Gandhi account, Journalists Barkha Datt, Raveesh Kumar, Business Tycoon Vijay Malya’s accounts.  They created sensation and shocks the Cyber security system of India by hacking these VIP’s Twitter accounts.

Along with this they also hacked recently The data which related to Apollo Hospitals. They have much information about Politicians in the data. Recently happened Tamilnadu CM Jayalalitha’s death Incident regarding this they hacked the all Servers with Data and  CC Footage of Apollo Hospitals they revealed.

The Legion group mentioned that Indian Banking System has many loop holes So they can easily hack the Whole Banking System they says in a Interview. They announced that if they reveals all the Data about Indian Political System and Apollo Hospitals, it Will Shakes the Whole India.

If the Indian Government give Permission to them they will hack the Black money Holders Data and send  it to the Indian Government they offered.  Like Legion Group there are many Hacker Groups in the World which are very Strong and they are Accessing many Countries Economy.

The Legion Group’s next target is which belongs to Indian Parliament they says.