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FanFight Daily Fantasy Football Review:

Football is a team sport played with a spherical ball between two teams of 11 players each. Also known as soccer(in America), the sport is played by around 250 million players in over 200 countries making it the world’s most popular sport. As far as watching/following the sport is concerned, around 4 billion fans(globally) watch this beautiful sport. That’s more than half of the world’s population. Speaks volumes about how the sport in known across continents & countries. In India, however, cricket is the most ultimate sport, without a shadow of a doubt. Cricket has reached the very pinnacle & can’t be dethroned but football is the clear favourite for the number 2 spot.

A major reason for a sport to flourish in a country has to be its participation in world events. India is currently ranked 103 in the men’s FIFA ranking but its popularity in the last decade has gone up exponentially. Fantasy Football has never had an existential crisis & due to its enormous rise of the sport in India, it is slowly but steadily making a mark. The sport & the fantasy version is likely to play second fiddle to cricket in India but the graph of the sport is certainly headed north. Fantasy Premier League is probably the very first fantasy football league that made football more interesting for viewers. That’s precisely what the fantasy version of any sport does. Selecting 11 players for a game week of the English Premier League. To earn points & eventually win, the user/player has to use his football knowledge which is the basic prerequisite.

Football in India has reached new heights in the last half a decade. With the introduction of the Indian Super League, more people know about football & also the fantasy type of it has made it even more absorbing. The Indian team is now a familiar legion & with more people taking interest in the sport, the future of the sport & fantasy football seem extremely bright. India’s is undoubtedly one of the fastest emerging markets in the world(all sectors included) & the fantasy portals in India are thriving hard to make fantasy football as interesting as possible.

How to Choose Fantasy Football Team on FanFight?

Well, if you’ve been playing fantasy sports recently, one well-known fantasy portal that has been in the news has to be FanFight. FanFight is undoubtedly one of the finest fantasy sports portals in India & the platform is all set to take the fantasy world of sports by a storm. Winning cash by merely following their favourite sport seems like an offer one should never refuse. At least the sports fanatics in the country.

There are millions of sports enthusiasts in India who play fantasy sports on FanFight. While fantasy cricket has taken centre stage, the introduction of fantasy football has made the portal as dynamic as ever. Hosting fantasy cricket, fantasy football & fantasy kabaddi has made FanFight one of the most versatile fantasy sports portals in the country. Letting all the fantasy sports nerds in the country gather under one portal & invest their sporting knowledge is what FanFight longs for.

The move has paid dividends & FanFight’s Fantasy Football has reached every device. We aren’t new to this amazing world of fantasy sports & it’s a known fact that the players who choose the best combination ultimately go on to win cash. The stakes are immensely high on FanFight. Numerous fantasy players compete, with their knowledge about the sport for bragging rights & plenty of money. How do you choose a Fantasy Football team on FanFight? Let us make this easy for you.

If you’re a new user, download the app from Once the application is installed, you can sign in with the information asked for & you’re good to go. Now let’s assume all the users are on the FanFight game centre.

i) There are three sports mentioned in FanFight’s game centre. Cricket, Football & Kabaddi. Select Football. A list of the games lined-up appears. A timer is also set on every game. This is a countdown to the amount of time left for that particular game to start. FanFight lists games from the 5 popular European Leagues, the Champions League & international fixtures. Yes, we’ve got everything covered for you.

ii) Select a fixture from the listed games by clicking on it. You’ll have all the cash contests listed here. Players can join any pool of their choice. The cash prize, the number of players playing that very cash contest is also displayed.

iii) Once you’ve done this, the players from both the teams are listed out with their credits. Credits are a measure of how good a player is. A top-notch player will have value while a player with limited qualities will have lower credit points. Now, you have to choose a combination of defenders, mid-fielders & strikers, all comprising to a total of 11. This is where your knowledge about Football plays a pivotal role. The better you know, the more are your chances of winning cash.

iv) After you’ve chosen your XI-man team, you have to choose a captain & a vice-captain. These players will add more value to your scoring. A captain earns 2X the points earned & the vice-captain 1.5X. Therefore, this move becomes extremely significant in Fantasy Football. Players earn points based on their real-time performance. Live scores, live ranks are instantly updated on FanFight.

v) To make this selection process much easier, FanFight decided to go ahead & give the users/players the extra edge. The players can now choose their XI-man team after the teams are announced. In football, the playing XIs from both the sides are released an hour or 45 minutes before kick-off. All the guesswork, as to who will play & who won’t has been put to bed. This assures the players that all the players from their team will certainly earn some points. The player who wins the contest(s) will earn cash. Also, you either win cash or don’t following your rank.


Everybody likes to win. That’s a given in all aspects. In Fantasy Sports winning doesn’t only account to the user/player earning some cash, but it also accounts to bragging rights. What’s the probability of you winning a cash prize on FanFight? Let’s take a look into this.


This option on FanFight helps you choose from the playing XIs of both the teams. Since this feature was introduced on FanFight, users inclination towards fantasy football has only increased. Player updates, injury news had to be looked into previously but the safe edit option has made team selection extremely easy. Since you know that all your players will be scoring points, the probability of you winning will also increase.


Fantasy Sports on FanFight has always seemed amusing. Why? One primary reason is the numerous cash contests associated with every fixture. The user can join contests based on the number of players participating in it. The choice given here is a fantasy blessing. This feature tells the user very precisely his chances of winning cash.

FanFight Fantasy Football Review


Using a coupon, depositing a certain amount of cash, referring friends can allot you a bonus on FanFight. The cash contests where the bonus can be used have the bonus % indicated. You can use this to your advantage by joining a contest where the prize money is the highest or where you feel the probability of winning is more likely.

Fantasy sports in India is a massive hit & FanFight’s contribution to this rise is immense. With the introduction of Fantasy Kabaddi, the number of players on FanFight is bound to increase. But it’s the quality of the platform that has helped it accelerate to the very top. User-friendly UI, safe transactions & personal connect with its users make FanFight the favourite fantasy sports portal in the country.

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Fantasy Sports | Play Online Fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi and Football Games & Leagues in India – FanFight

Fantasy Sports | Play Online Fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi and Football Games & Leagues in India - FanFight

Fantasy Sports | Play Online Fantasy Cricket, Kabaddi and Football Games & Leagues in India on FanFight. Play fantasy cricket, football and kabaddi games online at FanFight & Win cash daily. Participate in fantasy cricket, football and kabaddi leagues matches. Download Fantasy Sports App & Get Rs.30 Cash Bonus.

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Now Playing Fantasy Football is easier on FanFight Fantasy Sports
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