Oroville Dam Spillway Over Flowing Crisis in California

Oroville Dam which is an earth fill embankment dam on the Feather River east of the city of Oroville, California in the United States. The Oroville Dam is under Danger Crisis that The Water in the Oroville Dam are Over Flowing on the Spillway of the Dam. The Emergency Spillway of the Dam Breached.

There is a Danger Signal given in the Oroville Dam Surroundings and neighbors in California. There are more than 2 Lakhs People are living under the Dam Area. The Engineers and Experts Called for Immediate Evacuation of the Dam Area. National Weather Service Suggested a Flash Flood Warning to the Core Area. There is a Significant Auxiliary Spillway Suffers Erosion of the Dam Down Stream on the Oroville Dam Spillway with Overflowing.

Due to heavy Rains and Floods the Oroville Dam is Over flowing on the Spillway. According to Experts there is a Chances of Damage that the Dam will Collapse if this is the Situation Continuous and which will leads to Floods.

There are more than 2 Lakh people Evacuated and Sheltered in Neighbor places like Jain Mandirs, Temples and other Places. There are more than 13000 Indians are staying in Oroville City.

The Dam Safety Engineers are working to Sort out the Problem and they are trying to fix the Dam Spillway. But as per their Words the Evacuees are need to stay in Shelters for another a Day. Where the Flood Water is continuing with full enraged flow of Water from the Above part of the Dam.

The Oroville Dam Spillway to be fixed if there is no sign of the Heavy rain for another one day or Two days and they are trying to drain the Dam. If it is all goes well. other wise it’ll create huge Problem. The Dam Spill way is Overflowing with Huge Water and the Oroville DAM Feather River is flooding.

In the Lat 50 years the Dam never Overflows of it’s 770 Feet Height which is a tallest Dam in the USA.