Red Sandal Smugglers caught using Fake Heritage Vehicles

AP Officials acquired the knock concerning their lives above knowing touching the master graph over Red Sandalwood Smugglers. Even Brand Heritage wasn’t spared with the aid of them because the clean transportation over the wood illegally.

Cops bear seized Red Sandalwood stock this is been transported between ‘duplicate’ Heritage Vehicles. Smugglers painted everyday automobiles just alike up to expectation over cars aged through the Dairy consistent simply according to escape from Police as the company belongs according to AP CM’s Family. When such a automobile used to be searched out concerning suspicion, Cops came in imitation of be aware of touching the instant approach followed by Smugglers in accordance with deceive them.

Reportedly, Smugglers pelted stones at the Cops quickly below realizing that the scenario is oversea concerning theirs control. In response, Police fired bullets between the air. Smugglers fled the drop leaving the car about the road itself according to save theirs lives. The automobile was registered into Tamil Nadu however such hold an AP Number Plate.

On the other hand, International Red Sandalwood Smuggler Haji Nazir was once arrested by cop recently. He is accused to smuggling 1,000 tonnes over purple sandalwood and far. longevity