Stuffed Apple Paratha Recipe!

Today we are going to know the preparation of Stuffed Apple Paratha Recipe a healthy Food for all ages from kids to old one. let’s check the Ingredients and preparation method.


Apple :1
Cinnamon powder: 1
Mint leaves – 20
Sugar – 4 teaspoons
Bread or Biscuit powder – 4 teaspoons
Maida or Refined flour – 100 grams
Salt – for taste
Ghee or oil – 4 tablespoons
Water- as of required

Method of Making Stuffed Apple Paratha:

First takeĀ  refined flour and mix with water, salt and oil make a soft dough, keep it aside soak for half an hour.

Peel the skin of the Apple and great it keep aside. Take cinnamon powder, mint leaves, sugar and biscuit or bread powder.

Mix all these ingredients along with grated apple.

Keep this mixture for some time that the sugar dissolve and bind with the bread powder.

Take the mixture mash with hands and make a dough.

Take the dough cut in to pieces, make them soft balls and roll the balls with a rolling stick and make as chapati.v

Take the Apple mixture and stuff the mixture on the Chapati and close all sides and stick it using Ghee. Roll it with a roller stick make it as a Paratha.

Fire and Shallow fry the Paratha on the Tawa applying ghee on both sides. Aplle Paratha is Ready Now.

Enjoy the Apple Paratha by eating with accomplishment of jam or honey it tastes very delicious.

The Stuffed Paratha is very healthy and Nutrient Food.

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