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Easy Yoga that keeps you healthy!

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In the Human body Upper Part is Home for Lungs, Heart and it Supports to Spinal Rib Cage.  But Upper Back is not as flexible as Lower Back. We can keep this Body Upper Back back as a Super Flexibility with a Technique that need to Know. A good Posture can brings good and flexible Stretching of Heart Muscles and Lungs. It can very useful to Upper hands. How to this at Home: Take a Blanket and Fold them in right Way and Stand Straightly on the Blanket. Set a Position on Blanket that our Buttocks Will be on Blanket and our legs on the Floor. This Position should be taken in front of a Chair.   Now Fold your knee of the Legs and keep your legs Two sides of the Body.   The Chair which can be fold able is comfortable for this Yoga. Take Another ...