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Popularity of Fantasy Cricket Games in India

Cricket is a sport that is played, watched and appreciated by a huge number of individuals across the globe. Cricket has sophistication in it and from its very beginning, it is connected to the glamour world as well that makes it more praiseworthy among the sports lovers.

Cricket is the gentleman’s game, as they say, and who wants to miss the chance to become a part of this gentle process. That may have worked as the fuel behind the extreme popularity of cricket all over the world and gradually with the advancement of technology paved the way for fantasy cricket to become popular.

Introducing Fantasy Cricket Online:

When we talk about fantasy cricket, we can’t ignore the rapid increase in its popularity and in today’s context it is played by enormous individuals and fanatics of cricket all around the earth. There is no one particular reason behind why fantasy cricket is the most preferred fantasy sport and we will be discussing below, about some of the crucial elements of fantasy cricket that makes it unique and helps it to stand tall.

  • Become an active participant:

Cricket lovers are quite serious about the game, possessing all kinds of opinions and even the intention or wish to implement those. Fantasy cricket made it possible, giving you the chance not only to play your favorite sport but also the freedom to create your own virtual cricket team of eleven players and compete with other virtual players.

  • Win Cash prize:

It won’t be wrong to say that winning a cash prize is one of the most important factors that helped daily fantasy cricket to gain it so much popularity. When you play cash contests through any reliable platform of fantasy cricket, you not only get the scope to execute your cricketing knowledge and skills but also earn the attractive amount of cash rewards on a daily basis.

  • Play with your close ones:

If you want to prove your expertise of cricket to your family members, relatives or friends, then you can create your own private contest and compete. You just need to follow the instructions given by your chosen fantasy cricket app or website and without violating the given options you can develop a private contest according to your preference and taste. Share the unique code to whom you won’t compete with through email or Facebook and with a simple click to that link they can start playing the contest with you.

  • Anytime and anywhere:

You can play fantasy cricket anytime as well as from anywhere, as long as you have a decent internet connection. There is no requirement of any special arrangement to engage with fantasy cricket, you just need the enthusiasm and confidence.

  • Free contest:

If you are new in this business, then you need to spend time with the setting as well as the consequences of fantasy cricket. Free contest means you do not need to invest any money in order to play and get experience. Though, no cash prize is associated with this type of contest. But, it is still very useful for the newbie for acquiring knowledge and confidence about the game.

  • Mimics the original

Fantasy cricket is designed to provide the users with the feelings of actuality, as you need proper information and skills to develop strategies and tactics while creating your virtual team to compete with other contenders. Statistics is another important element if precisely done that can lead you towards your goal of winning. Your fantasy team must contain eleven players as the rule of cricket, but fantasy cricket gives you the freedom to chose and pick real-life players from both the contending teams.

Start your Online fantasy cricket journey with FanFight:

What and why is FanFight? It is the name of an online gaming platform where you can play various fantasy sports such as cricket, football, basketball, and Kabaddi. FanFight is quite recognized and preferred by sports fans who engage themselves with the FanFight mobile app or website, explore their favorite sport and win real cash prizes daily.

FanFight has always intended to make fantasy sports easy for everyone with a simple interface to deal and it can be said that has already done quite a great job. It offers their users cash as well as a free contest to play, you can choose according to your experience and skills.

When you sign up for the first time, FanFight will give you Rs.30 as a bonus and when you will play fantasy cricket with FanFight, you will get 100 credits for creating your fantasy eleven. In order to withdraw your winning amount, you have to verify your account for one time that will make you able to withdraw a minimum of Rs.250 at once.

FanFight Winner Testimonial

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Why do Fantasy Cricket have more Traction than other Fantasy Games - FanFight
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