9 years old Girl Drags Central Government to Court

9 Years Old Girl Who is belongs to Utthara Khand State Drags Central Government to Supreme Court. The Girl Named Ridhima Pandey Files a Complaint on Central Government in Supreme Court. Her Sue is that Central Government is failed to take action against the Pollution and the changes causing Problems Climate which impacts on Environment which reflects Bio Diversity of Nature.

This 9 Years old Girl is Ridhima Pandey is the daughter of  Green Activist, She urges to Indian Ministers to take action against emissions which disturbing the Nature by polluting it. This will impact on Nature and causing Calamities in Seasons, Which disturbing the Bio Sphere and creating negative evolution’s and situations  that it’s hard to lead life.

Ridhima filed her petition against the ministry of Central Government adjoining with Green Tribunal in the Court which take care of the cases related to Green Environment. The Government failed to implement Green Environment and it’s laws.

Ridhima says to court Indian government has failed to take Action and positive steps to regulate and reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions, which are causing extreme climate and bad Weather conditions, which will impact the present and future generations. It is harder than the Hard to lead life for this generation…so just think about the future generations what will happen and going to face by them. It’s a Night Mare to imagine the situations. So She approached the Green Tribunal to complain against the Central Government. 

After this Incident the India’s Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the Central Pollution Control Board have been asked to respond within two weeks Legal notice sent by the Court. Recently Greenpeace released a report in January 2017 estimating that nearly 1.2 million Indians die each year owing to high concentrations of airborne pollutants such as dust, mould spores, arsenic, lead, nickel and the carcinogen chromium.

According to a recent study, India has four of the 10 worst cities in the world in terms of air pollution. India and China accounted together for more than half the total number of global deaths attributable to air pollution in 2015. This Environmental disturbances causing huge problems like unnecessary Changes in Climate like Cyclones, Floods, Earthquakes, Excess Rainfalls or Droughts in Country.

We should appreciate Ridhima for taking initiation on Environment Implementation and Development which gives fruitful life to the Future Generations. Let’s join our hands together and step towards to Green Peace and Green Environment Development.