IPL 2020: Best Captains of IPL 2019

The world of cricket lovers is going to witness another outstanding season of Indian Premier League very soon. It won’t be wrong to say that Indian people are emotional about cricket and with every season of IPL, the country goes into a festive mood that stays for more than a month. The popularity of IPL is undoubtedly increase over time, attracting millions of individuals inside as well as outside the country.

Brief Description of IPL:

The Board of Control for Cricket in India or BCCI, in short, has introduced the IPL in 2008; it is the biggest and the most astonishing cricket tournament ever organized by any country, promoting the latest format of cricket T20. Eight teams, representing eight different cities of India compete against each other in this tournament every year.

The twelfth season of the Indian Premier League in 2019 is considered the most attended league compared to other seasons. IPL is the first sporting event in the world that is broadcasted live on YouTube. It is a platform where outstanding overseas players and hidden talents from different regions of India play together, representing one team named after one of the major cities in India.

Three ways to acquire players in IPL:

  • The annual auction for players

Players sign up for the auction process and set a base price, the franchise biding the highest will eventually buy their preferred players

  • Trading players with other IPL teams during the trading windows

Players can be traded with their consent, if a franchise is ready to pay more compared to the older contract, then the owner franchise will share the difference with the player and sell him

  • Sign replacements for unavailable players

Unsold players can sign up for the replacement process and replacements are signed before as well as throughout the tournament 

Tournament Format:

All the eight teams in IPL play against each other twice in the league phase which is divided into two sections 1) home and 2) away and the tournament format it follows is round-robin format. After the league stage concludes, the top four qualified teams will move to the playoffs.

The first two teams from the league phase will compete against each other in the first qualifying match and the winning team will directly go to the final. The losing team gets another chance to qualify and be eligible to play the IPL final.

In the meantime, the last two teams from the league phase compete against one another in an elimination round and the winning squad will face the loser from the first qualifying match. The winning squad from the second qualifying match will move to the final and will compete with the winning team from the first qualifying match in the IPL final.

Commendable Captaincy in IPL 2019:

Captains are the front man of any team and responsible for taking certain decisions to benefit their team. Indian Premier League has already witnessed the top level of captaincy and when we are discussing IPL 2019, it will be wrong not to mention the following names who as dedicated captains of their respected teams had set great examples of brilliant leaderships:

  • Rohit Sharma, the captain of Mumbai Indians (champion of IPL 2019)
  • Virat Kohli, the captain of Royal challenger Bangalore
  • MS Dhoni, the captain of Chennai Super Kings (the runner up of IPL 2019)

Why people prefer IPL Fantasy Cricket:

First and foremost, IPL Fantasy Cricket gives you the chance to become an active participant. It is the best way to convert you from just a viewer to an operative player. Fantasy cricket can be considered as the virtual counterpart of real IPL where the users get to own a virtual fantasy cricket team consisting of real-life cricketers.

As a participant, you will be allowed to choose players for your team; you can draft players using your knowledge and statistics. You will be the authority to decide, who is going to stay in your team for the next match, trading players is another advantage that IPL fantasy cricket providers give their users. Besides, you can pick players from both the competing squads from a specific IPL match.

FanFight Fantasy Sports:

Are you interested in online games? Fantasy gaming will be the latest and the most innovative way to start with. FanFight is a reliable name in the realm of Fantasy sports, used by a wide number of individuals. If you ask a fantasy gamer in India about a reputed platform to start your fantasy journey, chances are they will suggest FanFight. 

It is easy to find the FanFight mobile app in play store and by simply installing it you can explore your favorite sport including Cricket, Football, Basketball, Baseball and Kabaddi. The user-friendly interface of FanFight makes it convenient for a newbie to gain an enjoyable and satisfactory experience of fantasy gaming.

FanFight has gained immense popularity as one of the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India. It gives you the option to win daily cash prize by playing IPL, T20 and ODI fantasy cricket is assuredly. All you’ve got to do is, choose a fixture, pick a cash contest, compete with the smartest cricketing brains in the country & win big. What are you waiting for? Switch on your cricketing brains, get in there & experience fantasy cricket at its absolute best.

FanFight Fantasy Cricket App:

When it comes to popularity, the name FanFight comes quite obviously. With over 4+ million users, it is one of the most reputed online platforms in India to play your favorite game including cricket and football. You can win a big amount of cash daily through FanFight in a completely legal way.

Google it FanFight to find the FanFight mobile app, Download APK, Install the app, and start your fantasy journey. Get sign up Cash bonus of Rs.25 and 100 credits for building your FanFight squad. Verify your account using your identity proof and withdraw your winnings.

FanFight Fantasy Cricket Point System:

FanFight Fantasy Cricket brings attractive points system to it’s users. The newly updated points System offered by FanFight Fantasy Cricket providers are quite interesting as well as striking. It is very easy to score big points, if you know how and when to use your players properly. The captain of your fantasy team usually receives 2 times the point and the vice-captain receives 1.5 times the point.

Base Points:

1. For Being part of the staring 11: 4 Points for each Players
2. For Every Run Scored: 1 Points
3. Wicket(Excluding run-out): 25 Points
4. Catch: 8 Points
5. Caught & Bowled: 33 Points
6. Stumping/Run-Out(direct): 12 Points
7. Run-Out(thrower/catcher): 8/4 Points
8. Dismissal for Duck: -3 Points

Bonus Points:

1. Every Boundary Hit: 1 Points
2. Every Six Hit: 2 points
3. Half Century: 4 Points
4. Century: 8 Points
5. Maiden Over: 4 Points
6. 4 Wickets: 4 Points
7. 5 Wickets: 8 Points

Economy Rates:

1.Applicable for Players Bowling Minimum Overs: 5 Overs
2.Between 4.5 and 3.5 Runs per Overs: 2 Points
3.Between 3.49 and 2.5 Runs per Overs: 4 Points
4.Between 2.5 Runs per Over: 6 Points
5.Between 7 and 8 Runs per Over: -2 Points
6.Between 8.1 and 9 Runs per Overs: -4 Points
7.Above 9 Runs per Over: -6 Points

Strike Rate:

1. Applicable for Players Batting minimum Balls: 20 Balls
2. Between 50 and 60 Runs per 100 Balls: -2 Points
3. Between 40 and 49.9 Runs per 100 Balls: -4 Points
4. Below 40 Runs per 100 Balls: -6 Points

Strike Rate scoring is applicable only for strike rate below 70 Runs per 100 Balls.

Here is FanFight Revamped Fantasy Cricket Team Formation Rules for you Exclusively….!

FanFight are upgraded the fantasy cricket team formation rules. This feature helps you to maximum of best team creation that helps you to Win the Leaderboard and be on Top.

A). The minimum number of batsmen in your team should be 3 and you can’t cross the maximum limit of 6 batsmen.
B). You can pick up to 6 bowlers for your fantasy squad and the minimum number is 3.
C). A minimum of 1 all-rounder needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.
D). A minimum of 1 wicket Keeper needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.

FanFight introduced with slogan of “More Teams…. More Winning Chances” Multiple Entry Contest by increasing maximum team limit, where you can join up to 15 Teams Now.

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IPL 2020: Best Captains of IPL 2019
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