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India is the country where cricketers are worshiped, and cricket is considered as a religion. And it is not unexpected that such a country would introduce the biggest tournament of IPL T20 Cricket. IPL or Indian Premier League is the most wonderful and exciting cricket event the world has ever witnessed, attracting millions of individuals, cricket lovers and non-lovers alike. This extreme popularity of IPL paves the way for the success of IPL fantasy league, people showing interest to engage with it, so they can associate themselves with real IPL more actively.

Unlimited cash:

The fanatics of cricket eagerly waiting for the coming season of IPL, as they want to watch and enjoy every match. On the other hand, with every new season of IPL comes its counterpart IPL Fantasy League which allows a cricket lover to win the attractive amount of cash. If you observe every season of IPL, know all the prior matches and if you are sufficiently skilled, then IPL fantasy league can become a great platform for you to earn unlimited money.

Let’s start:

  • Select a reliable IPL fantasy league provider
  • Install the app or log in through the website
  • Create your fantasy account and sign up
  • Build your virtual IPL team, draft your favorites from the real IPL players
  • Develop strategies using your experience

Once you enter, you get to see a list of recent and upcoming matches, and each match in real IPL is linked with a virtual match. The result of a particular match depends on how the player of your virtual team performs in the real match.

The skills that help:

  • Ability to predict
  • The power of analyzing
  • Information about previous and recent matches
  • Knowledge about the form of the players and select accordingly

You can play single matches or even participate in the ‘championship’; you need to have certain skills to win. If you want to earn some real cash, then you should consider the above-mentioned bullet points.

FanFight Fantasy Cricket App:

When it comes to popularity, the name FanFight comes quite obviously. With over 4+ million users, it is one of the most reputed online platforms in India to play your favorite game including cricket and football. You can win a big amount of cash daily through FanFight in a completely legal way.

Google it FanFight to find the FanFight mobile app, Download APK, Install the app, and start your fantasy journey. Get sign up Cash bonus of Rs.25 and 100 credits for building your FanFight squad. Verify your account using your identity proof and withdraw your winnings.

FanFight Fantasy Cricket Point System:

FanFight Fantasy Cricket brings attractive points system to it’s users. The newly updated points System offered by FanFight Fantasy Cricket providers are quite interesting as well as striking. It is very easy to score big points, if you know how and when to use your players properly. The captain of your fantasy team usually receives 2 times the point and the vice-captain receives 1.5 times the point.

Base Points:

1. For Being part of the staring 11: 4 Points for each Players
2. For Every Run Scored: 1 Points
3. Wicket(Excluding run-out): 25 Points
4. Catch: 8 Points
5. Caught & Bowled: 33 Points
6. Stumping/Run-Out(direct): 12 Points
7. Run-Out(thrower/catcher): 8/4 Points
8. Dismissal for Duck: -3 Points

Bonus Points:

1. Every Boundary Hit: 1 Points
2. Every Six Hit: 2 points
3. Half Century: 4 Points
4. Century: 8 Points
5. Maiden Over: 4 Points
6. 4 Wickets: 4 Points
7. 5 Wickets: 8 Points

Economy Rates:

1.Applicable for Players Bowling Minimum Overs: 5 Overs
2.Between 4.5 and 3.5 Runs per Overs: 2 Points
3.Between 3.49 and 2.5 Runs per Overs: 4 Points
4.Between 2.5 Runs per Over: 6 Points
5.Between 7 and 8 Runs per Over: -2 Points
6.Between 8.1 and 9 Runs per Overs: -4 Points
7.Above 9 Runs per Over: -6 Points

Strike Rate:

1. Applicable for Players Batting minimum Balls: 20 Balls
2. Between 50 and 60 Runs per 100 Balls: -2 Points
3. Between 40 and 49.9 Runs per 100 Balls: -4 Points
4. Below 40 Runs per 100 Balls: -6 Points

Strike Rate scoring is applicable only for strike rate below 70 Runs per 100 Balls.

Here is FanFight Revamped Fantasy Cricket Team Formation Rules for you Exclusively….!

FanFight are upgraded the fantasy cricket team formation rules. This feature helps you to maximum of best team creation that helps you to Win the Leaderboard and be on Top.

A). The minimum number of batsmen in your team should be 3 and you can’t cross the maximum limit of 6 batsmen.
B). You can pick up to 6 bowlers for your fantasy squad and the minimum number is 3.
C). A minimum of 1 all-rounder needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.
D). A minimum of 1 wicket Keeper needs to be picked, 4 being the maximum.

FanFight introduced with slogan of “More Teams…. More Winning Chances” Multiple Entry Contest by increasing maximum team limit, where you can join up to 15 Teams Now.

Why FanFight Fantasy Sports:

Are you looking for a reliable fantasy sports provider? Are you a newbie and want to give your fantasy journey a smooth start? In both cases, the answer can be the same that is FanFight. It is reliable. It already has a good number of users and it is suitable for the newbie because it provides a simple interface to deal with.

FanFight is quite a popular name in India and a wide number of sports lovers use this online platform for playing their favorite fantasy sports including daily fantasy cricket, Kabaddi, basketball, baseball and football. They are also trying to expand their range by including various other sports. The FanFight mobile app is easily available in the play store, though you have another option which is signing up through their website.

Provide your identity document such as Aadhar card, voter Id or PAN card in order to verify your account which is compulsory for withdrawing your winning amount.

FanFight has gained immense popularity as one of the Best Fantasy Cricket App in India. It gives you the option to win daily cash prize by playing IPL, T20 and ODI fantasy cricket is assuredly. All you’ve got to do is, choose a fixture, pick a cash contest, compete with the smartest cricketing brains in the country & win big. What are you waiting for? Switch on your cricketing brains, get in there & experience fantasy cricket at its absolute best.

IPL Fantasy Cricket 2020 | Play IPL Fantasy Cricket Games & Leagues in India and Win Cash Daily — FanFight

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Play IPL T20 Cricket Fantasy League Online and Win Cash Big
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Play IPL T20 Cricket Fantasy League Online and Win Cash Big
India is the country where cricketers are worshiped, and cricket is considered as a religion. And it is not unexpected that such a country would introduce the biggest tournament of IPL T20 Cricket.
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