Russia, China sends Forces to North Korea Border

USA President Donald Trump made decisions to control the North Korea, which is creating waves and shaking many Countries. This is impacting International Political Equations which are changing rapidly. Donald started preparations for War on South Korea. US Military Forces and Troops are placed at North Korea Border with the help of Japan and South Korea.

The decisions made by Donald Trump already shaking the Top countries China and Russia. The consequences are changing and the Top countries moving rapidly by taking Initiative Steps before War declaration between North Korea and USA. They are in the fear of USA may attack on North Korea at any time. The People’s Republic China President Xi Jinping recently had discussions with Donald Trump and sent 1,50,000 huge Army to China South Korea’s Border.

Xi Jinping announced there is a possibility that the attack will happen at any moment by US forces on north Korea. If in case the attack happens to protect the China border and These actions were taken to prevent and control to stop the rebellion of the North Korean nationals from entering in to the country.Russian President Putin has come forward to know and learn about China’s actions.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin Heavily Armed the forces at the Russia and North Korea Border. The Arms were moved by the Trains to the Border. On the other side Kim Jong-Un the North Korea Leader warns USA to don’t mess up with North Korea that it threatens ‘Super mighty Preemptive Strike’ on USA. This Warning continued increase tensions between the both Countries and Surrounded Countries as well.

North Korea Leader Kim Jong-Un stated that he doesn’t want to leave the 3 countries Japan, South Korea which are supporting to USA along with. The Consequences takes place now will be turns out in to a panic and bring drastic change and huge impact on these 3 countries and has to face problems if the War declares. The International Political Analysts are worried about that any war may be heard in at any moment.