Rajamouli Clarifies about Bahubali 2 Release in Karnataka

S.S Rajamouli’s Directorial India’s biggest motion picture ‘Bahubali – The Beginning’ Released 2 years back and created sensation. Now ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion‘ Mania creating waves across the India. But in Karnataka the situation is completely different from India. Kannada Communities are protesting against Bahubali Movie that doesn’t allow the release of ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ Movie in Karnataka.

The actual reason behind Kannadians going to ban on ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ is neither the Bahubali Director nor the Bahubali Movie. it’s about Bahubali Actor Sathyaraj who played as Kattappa in the Bahubali Movie. Sathyaraj who commented on Kaveri Waters against Karnataka. Sathyaraj Supported in the favor of Tamilnadu and where the incident happened 9 years back.

So Karnataka Kannada communities protesting against Sathyaraj that his comments deeply hurts Kannadians, So Kattappa should say Apologies to Karnataka other wise they doesn’t allow to release the ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ Movie in Karnataka. The Kannada Communities openly stated this and Protesting over there. Sathyaraj is the native of Tamilnadu and the Kaveri Waters issue is between the 2 South States Tamilnadu and Karnataka which prolonging for past many years.

Kattappa Sathyaraj convey his Apologies to Karnataka his native People of Tamilnadu will hurt, if didn’t convey his Apology to Karnataka the Kannadians will hurt. Kattappa hands off and Says the situation is out of his Control. But it’s ti me to release the ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ Movie in Karnataka. if the Kannadians ban the movie Producers and Distributors will get huge losses. ‘Bahubali – The Beginning’ Movie became Huge Success in Karnataka as well. Now the ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ also has tremendous hype over there.

Now Director S.S Rajamouli takes the issue on his shoulder and it’s only one week time for ‘Bahubali – The Conclusion’ Movie to release in Karnataka as well. So Rajamouli try to convenience the Kannadians in his own style that don’t link up Actor Sathyaraj comments about Kaveri waters with Bahubali Movie. Sathyaraj is neither director nor Producer for the Bahubali 2 Movie. he is only a Character a part of the Movie. Sathyaraj comments are 9 years old and now the Kannada communities are protesting against this issue which is unfair. Rajamouli reminds Karnataka that in this 9 Years there are many movies released where Kattappa Produces and Acted.

The Bahubali 1 Movie also released and became a Biggest hit in Karnataka and now the Bahubali 2 Movie also releasing so please make please welcome the movie with big success Rajamouli requested to the Kannadians. Rajamouli also mentioned that if Kattappa spokes any thing wrong, please kindly forgive him with a kind heart and stop the Protestations against Bahubali Movie he requested. Rajamouli released a Video where his speech is in Kannada Language.