How fresh Coriander helps for your Health!

We can’t assume the Indian Kitchen with out Coriander. It is the part of daily routine for the Kitchen to prepare food. Coriander which can used in different forms and different types in our Kitchen.

The Coriander can be used in the form of seeds or Powder or as Green Leaves which can enhances good taste to the food and also it gives Nutrition to our body. The  Coriander leaves can be used in the food as Coriander Chutney and Garnish to the All Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Foods.

The Coriander leaves enhances the Aaroma in the Food so it can be used in various types of food. Coriander Leaves has it’s own flavor of Smell which looks so good.

Use of Coriander :

  • For many Problems Coriander and it’s leaves are the best Remedy for Home Aid. It helps to Increase the Functioning of Digestive System.
  • Coriander is the home medicine to many Stomach Problems. It helps to control the Uneasiness and Diarrhea.
  • Coriander has Vitamin ‘A’, ‘C’,’K’, Dietary Fiber, Iron, Manganese in a high levels which helps to solve the Stomach Problems Easily.
  • Coriander Leaves which has high level of Antioxidants in it. so it can be acts as diuretic and antibacterial helps to purify the blood. So those who are suffering from Urinary Tract Infections can be get rid off it using Coriander Leaves.
  • According to Ancient Indian Medical Books Coriander Leaves can helps to increase the Insulin levels in the body by Developing it and controls the Diabetes by controlling the Sugar levels in the Body.


How to use Coriander :

  • The Coriander can be used in the form of Leaves or Dry seeds or Powder. We can use fresh Coriander leaves make it as a paste and mix it in Butter Milk or take Coriander Powder and Mix it in Butter Milk. By drinking this Butter Milk can helps to control the many of Digestive Problems.
  • The Coriander Leaves paste or Powder mixed Butter Milk helps to get rid off Dehydration problem in Summer. Take the Butter Milk for every 2 hours in a day.
  • Generally Women have menstrual problems with high bleeding and Pain. Those who are suffering from this problem can take Half Liter Water and take 2 table spoons of Coriander seeds and boil them together in Vessel. Get reduced the concentration into half. Drink it with a Half tea spoon of Honey or Jaggery.
  • This Concentration can helps to protect from Hyper Acidity and Menstrual Cramps problems.



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